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Song lyrics by Forefather. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Forefather. Get one of the 62 lyrics and watch the video by artist Forefather.

Forefather lyrics Video Album
A New Dawn LyricsThe Fighting Man
Ancient Voice LyricsDeep Into Time
Awakened Hate LyricsCurse of the Cwelled
Brunanburh LyricsSteadfast
By My Lord I Will Lie LyricsCurse of the Cwelled
By Thy Deeds LyricsLast Of The Line
Chorus Of Steel LyricsLast Of The Line
Curse Of The Cwelled LyricsCurse of the Cwelled
Cween Of The Mark LyricsSteadfast
Deep Into Time LyricsDeep Into Time
Doomsday Dawns LyricsLast Of The Line
Dusk To Dawn LyricsDeep Into Time
Edge Of Oblivion LyricsCurse of the Cwelled
Engla Tocyme LyricsEngla Tocyme
Fifeldor LyricsEngla Tocyme
Fire From The Sky LyricsSteadfast
Fire Of Baited Blood LyricsCurse of the Cwelled
For These Shores LyricsThe Fighting Man
Forever In Chains LyricsEngla Tocyme
Hallowed Halls LyricsSteadfast
Havoc On Holy Island LyricsCurse of the Cwelled
Immortal Wisdom LyricsDeep Into Time
Into The Forever LyricsEngla Tocyme
Iron Hand LyricsEngla Tocyme
Keep Marching On LyricsOurs Is The Kingdom
Last Of The Line LyricsLast Of The Line
Masters Of Fate LyricsCurse of the Cwelled
Miri It Is LyricsSteadfast
Natural Chaos LyricsDeep Into Time
Ours Is The Kingdom LyricsOurs Is The Kingdom
Out Of Darkness LyricsThe Fighting Man
Painted With Blood LyricsCurse of the Cwelled
Proud To Be Proud LyricsOurs Is The Kingdom
Rebel Of The Marshlands LyricsOurs Is The Kingdom
Rustics To Remain LyricsCurse of the Cwelled
Shadows Of The Dead LyricsLast Of The Line
Smashed By Fate LyricsOurs Is The Kingdom
Spears Of Faith LyricsLast Of The Line
Steadfast LyricsSteadfast
The Anvil LyricsCurse of the Cwelled
The Call To Arms LyricsThe Fighting Man
The Fate Of Kings LyricsEngla Tocyme
The Fighting Man LyricsThe Fighting Man
The Folk That Time Forgot LyricsOurs Is The Kingdom
The Golden Dragon LyricsOurs Is The Kingdom
The Last Battle LyricsThe Fighting Man
The Paths Of Yesterdays LyricsThe Fighting Man
The Sea-Kings LyricsOurs Is The Kingdom
The Shield-Wall LyricsOurs Is The Kingdom
The Swan's Road LyricsEngla Tocyme
The Ornamented Sword LyricsDeep Into Time
Theodish Belief LyricsSteadfast
Threads Of Time LyricsOurs Is The Kingdom
Three Great Ships LyricsSteadfast
To The Mountains They Fled LyricsOurs Is The Kingdom
Together They Stood LyricsThe Fighting Man
Up High LyricsLast Of The Line
Visions Of Elders LyricsDeep Into Time
When Our England Died LyricsThe Fighting Man
Wolfhead's Tree LyricsSteadfast
Wolves Of Prayer LyricsLast Of The Line
Wudugast LyricsOurs Is The Kingdom
Forefather lyrics Video Album

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