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Song lyrics by Foals. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Foals. Get one of the 47 lyrics and watch the video by artist Foals.

Foals lyrics Video Album
2 Trees LyricsTotal Life Forever
A Knife In The Ocean LyricsWhat Went Down
After Glow LyricsTotal Life Forever
Alabaster LyricsTotal Life Forever
Albatross LyricsWhat Went Down
Astronauts 'n' All LyricsAntidotes
Bad Habit LyricsHoly Fire
Balloons LyricsAntidotes
Big Big Love (Fig. 1) LyricsAntidotes
Big Big Love (Fig. 2) LyricsAntidotes
Birch Tree LyricsWhat Went Down
Black Gold LyricsTotal Life Forever
Blue Blood LyricsTotal Life Forever
Brazil Is Here LyricsAntidotes
Cassius LyricsAntidotes
Electric Bloom LyricsAntidotes
Everytime LyricsHoly Fire
Give It All LyricsWhat Went Down
Gold Gold Gold LyricsAntidotes
Heavy Water LyricsAntidotes
Hummer LyricsAntidotes
Inhaler LyricsHoly Fire
Late Night LyricsHoly Fire
London Thunder LyricsWhat Went Down
Lonely Hunter LyricsWhat Went Down
Mathletics LyricsAntidotes
Miami LyricsTotal Life Forever
Milk & Black Spiders LyricsHoly Fire
Moon LyricsHoly Fire
Mountain At My Gates LyricsWhat Went Down
My Number LyricsHoly Fire
Night Swimmers LyricsWhat Went Down
Olympic Airways LyricsAntidotes
Out Of The Woods LyricsHoly Fire
Providence LyricsHoly Fire
Red Socks Pugie LyricsAntidotes
Snake Oil LyricsWhat Went Down
Spanish Sahara LyricsTotal Life Forever
Stepson LyricsHoly Fire
The French Open LyricsAntidotes
This Orient LyricsTotal Life Forever
Titan Arum LyricsAntidotes
Total Life Forever LyricsTotal Life Forever
Tron LyricsAntidotes
Two Steps, Twice LyricsAntidotes
What Remains LyricsTotal Life Forever
What Went Down LyricsWhat Went Down
Foals lyrics Video Album

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