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Song lyrics by Flyleaf. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Flyleaf. Get one of the 85 lyrics and watch the video by artist Flyleaf.

Flyleaf lyrics Video Album
Again LyricsMemento Mori
All Around Me LyricsFlyleaf
Amy Says LyricsRemember To Live
Arise LyricsMemento Mori
Arise Ben Mood Mix LyricsRemember To Live
Avalanche LyricsBetween the Stars
Beautiful Bride LyricsMemento Mori
Believe In Dreams LyricsRemember To Live
Bittersweet LyricsITunes Bonus Tracks
Blue Roses LyricsBetween the Stars
Break Your Knees LyricsExpanded Edition Bonus Disc
Breathe Today LyricsFlyleaf
Broken Pieces (Apocalyptica) LyricsFlyleaf and Apocalyptica
Broken Wings LyricsBroken wings (EP) special edition
Broken Wings 4 LyricsNew Horizons
Bury Your Heart LyricsNew Horizons
Cage On The Ground LyricsNew Horizons
Call You Out LyricsNew Horizons
Cassie LyricsFlyleaf
Chasm LyricsMemento Mori
Christmas Song LyricsMusic As A Weapon EP
Circle LyricsMemento Mori
City Kids LyricsBetween the Stars
Dear My Closest Friend LyricsRemember To Live
Do You Hear What I Hear LyricsDo You Hear What I Hear
Enemy LyricsExpanded Edition Bonus Disc
Eyes To See LyricsUnreleased
Fire Fire LyricsNew Horizons
Freedom LyricsNew Horizons
Fully Alive LyricsFlyleaf
Fully Alive Acoustic LyricsMusic As A Weapon EP
Great Love LyricsNew Horizons
Green Heart LyricsNew Horizons
Have We Lost LyricsExpanded Edition Bonus Disc
Head Underwater LyricsBetween the Stars
Heavy Prey-Lacey Sturm From Flyleaf Feat. Gen.. LyricsFlyleaf and Underworld
Home LyricsBetween the Stars
I'm Sorry LyricsFlyleaf
In The Dark LyricsMemento Mori
I´m So Sick LyricsFlyleaf
Justice And Mercy LyricsMuch Like Falling EP
Justice And Mercy (Violent Love Version) LyricsRemember To Live
Light In Your Eyes LyricsRemember To Live
Magnetic LyricsBetween the Stars
Mama LyricsNew Horizons
Marionette LyricsBetween the Stars
Missing LyricsMemento Mori
Much Like Falling LyricsMusic As A Weapon EP
New Horizons LyricsNew Horizons
Ocean Waves LyricsBroken wings (EP) special edition
Okay LyricsRemember To Live
Penholder LyricsUnreleased
Perfect LyricsFlyleaf
Platonic LyricsBetween the Stars
Red Sam LyricsFlyleaf
Saving Grace LyricsNew Horizons
Set Apart This Dream LyricsMemento Mori
Set Me On Fire LyricsBetween the Stars
Ship Of Fools LyricsBetween the Stars
So I Thought LyricsFlyleaf
Sober Serenade LyricsBetween the Stars
Something Better Feat. Sonny Sandoval (from P.. LyricsWho We Are EP
Something I Can Never Have LyricsFlyleaf and Underworld
Sorrow LyricsFlyleaf
Stand LyricsNew Horizons
Stay LyricsITunes Bonus Tracks
Supernatural LyricsRhapsody Bonus Track
Supernatural (Acoustic) LyricsMuch Like Falling EP
Swept Away LyricsMemento Mori
Take The Bullets Away (Lacey Sturm Feat. We A.. Lyrics
The Hunted LyricsBetween the Stars
The Kind LyricsMemento Mori
The Reason Lyrics
The Wedding LyricsBetween the Stars
There For You LyricsFlyleaf
This Close LyricsMemento Mori
Thread LyricsBetween the Stars
Tied To The Broken LyricsBetween the Stars
Tina LyricsMuch Like Falling EP
Tiny Heart LyricsMemento Mori
Traitor LyricsBetween the Stars
Treasure LyricsMemento Mori
Uncle Bobby LyricsAmazon MP3 Bonus Track
Well Of Lies LyricsBetween the Stars
Who Am I LyricsExpanded Edition Bonus Disc
Flyleaf lyrics Video Album

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