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(In This) Silent Night LyricsChristmas In Vegas
A Neverending Ride LyricsStrip Down
A Voice In The Dark LyricsForever Magic
After Midnight LyricsContact
Again & Again - You Believe In Love LyricsBlue Planet
All My Loving LyricsLocomotion
All We Need Is To Believe LyricsFive
Angel Eyes LyricsAll My Loving
Blood And Honey LyricsGet Your Kicks
Blue Eyed Lady LyricsFlames of Love
Blue Planet LyricsBlue Planet
Bodyguard LyricsFlames of Love
Bolero (Hold Me In Your Arms Again) LyricsContact
Bride In Black LyricsFive
Can't Help Falling In Love LyricsChristmas In Vegas
Changing My Ways (You Got Me) LyricsColours Of Life
Check It Out LyricsGet Your Kicks
China Blue LyricsFlames of Love
Chinese Eyes LyricsGet Your Kicks
Cirque De La Lune LyricsD.I.S.C.O.
Colder Than Ice LyricsGet Your Kicks
Colours Of Life (So In Love) LyricsColours Of Life
Come Back And Break My Heart LyricsD.I.S.C.O.
Cool Jerk LyricsDeep In My Heart
D.I.S.C.O. (Lust For Life) LyricsD.I.S.C.O.
Deep Blue Sky LyricsColours Of Life
Deep In My Heart/In My Heart LyricsDeep In My Heart
Die For You LyricsLocomotion
Don't Fight With The Moon LyricsAll My Loving
Dreams Come True LyricsStrip Down
Everlasting Dance LyricsD.I.S.C.O.
Feedback, Feedback LyricsContact
Flames Of Love LyricsForever Magic
Fly Away LyricsBlue Planet
Fools Cry/Whenever Fools Cry LyricsLocomotion
For One Night In Heaven LyricsForever Magic
Forever Magic LyricsForever Magic
Get Your Kicks LyricsGet Your Kicks
Gimme A Sign LyricsStrip Down
Girl, Don't Let Me Down LyricsContact
Give A Little Bit LyricsColours Of Life
Goodnite Las Vegas LyricsChristmas In Vegas
How Do I Feel? LyricsStrip Down
How Do You Feel Right Now? LyricsD.I.S.C.O.
Human Lover LyricsBlue Planet
I Can Give You Love LyricsForever Magic
I Can't Forget You LyricsStrip Down
I Can't Live Without You (Lonely Nights) LyricsFlames of Love
I Don't Want To Go LyricsContact
I Love You... What's Your Name? LyricsStrip Down
I Need You LyricsStrip Down
I'm Free/Freedom LyricsDeep In My Heart
I'm Goin' Back LyricsChristmas In Vegas
I'm Melting Your Heart LyricsForever Magic
I'm Your Bodyguard LyricsForever Magic
In Shock LyricsGet Your Kicks
In The Rain Again LyricsFive
In The Shadows Of The Night LyricsBlue Planet
Island Of Dreams LyricsFive
It's Love LyricsColours Of Life
It's Only Loneliness LyricsFive
Japanese Girl LyricsD.I.S.C.O.
Jingle Bells And Candy Canes LyricsChristmas In Vegas
Keep On Going LyricsLocomotion
L.A.D.Y.O. LyricsGet Your Kicks
Lady Of Ice LyricsContact
Latin Fire LyricsContact
Like You LyricsFive
Little Juliet LyricsForever Magic
Live My Life LyricsBlue Planet
Locomotion LyricsLocomotion
Long Way To Paradise LyricsBlue Planet
Lost In Love LyricsFive
Love Has Called Me Home LyricsForever Magic
Love Is The Anchor LyricsColours Of Life
Love Never Dies LyricsFive
Love In Japan LyricsDeep In My Heart
Luxury Life LyricsAll My Loving
Memories LyricsColours Of Life
Mirage LyricsChristmas In Vegas
Money LyricsColours Of Life
Moonchild LyricsBlue Planet
Moonlight LyricsForever Magic
Moscow Is Calling LyricsFlames of Love
My Emotional Way LyricsAll My Loving
My Way LyricsForever Magic
No More Sin LyricsDeep In My Heart
On Fire LyricsD.I.S.C.O.
Out Of My Mission LyricsBlue Planet
Peace And Harmony LyricsColours Of Life
Pretty Woman LyricsLocomotion
Prince Of Darkness LyricsBlue Planet
Promised Land LyricsDeep In My Heart
Pure Love LyricsAll My Loving
Reach Out For The Stars LyricsBlue Planet
Reaving Queen LyricsContact
Road To Avalon LyricsColours Of Life
Rumble In The Jungle LyricsStrip Down
Running Man LyricsDeep In My Heart
Sail Away LyricsLocomotion
Saint Marie De La Mer (Stop It Right Now) LyricsFive
Saltimbanco LyricsLocomotion
Sarmoti LyricsBlue Planet
Save The Moment LyricsContact
Sayin' Goodbye LyricsColours Of Life
Second Hand Paradise LyricsFive
Senorita LyricsStrip Down
Seven Sins LyricsAll My Loving
Slice Me Nice LyricsDeep In My Heart
Snowflake LyricsChristmas In Vegas
Snowman LyricsChristmas In Vegas
Snowwhite Tigers LyricsChristmas In Vegas
Soul For Sale LyricsDeep In My Heart
Spy In The Night LyricsFlames of Love
Stand Up For Love LyricsAll My Loving
Strip Down LyricsStrip Down
The Big Dust LyricsBlue Planet
The Diceman LyricsChristmas In Vegas
Tonight The Devil Wins My Soul LyricsFlames of Love
Try My Love Again LyricsD.I.S.C.O.
Vanity Fair LyricsBlue Planet
Voices From Heaven LyricsChristmas In Vegas
Wait By The Radio LyricsBlue Planet
Way Of Freedom LyricsColours Of Life
Ways Of Love LyricsAll My Loving
We Can Move A Mountain LyricsStrip Down
Wear My Ring Around Your Neck LyricsLocomotion
What Kinda Horny (Medley) LyricsStrip Down
What's Your Name, What's Your Game LyricsFlames of Love
When Clowns Cry LyricsD.I.S.C.O.
When Fancy Is Crying LyricsD.I.S.C.O.
When Guardian Angels Cry LyricsFive
Why Oh Why LyricsLocomotion
Wish Upon A Star LyricsChristmas In Vegas
Fancy lyrics Video Album

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