Evil Masquerade lyrics

Song lyrics by Evil Masquerade. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Evil Masquerade. Get one of the 43 lyrics and watch the video by artist Evil Masquerade.

Evil Masquerade lyrics Video Album
A Great Day To Die LyricsTheatrical Madness
Anywhere The Wind Blows LyricsThe Digital Crucifix
Bad News LyricsThe Digital Crucifix
Black Ravens Cry LyricsThird Act
Bozo The Clown LyricsTheatrical Madness
Bring On The World LyricsThird Act
Buying Salvation LyricsThe Digital Crucifix
Descended From The Grave LyricsThird Act
Desire And Pain LyricsFade to Black
Diamond Dust LyricsFade to Black
Different Shades Of Black LyricsFade to Black
Far Away LyricsThird Act
Gasoline & Ice-Cold Gin LyricsThe Digital Crucifix
Hollow Soul LyricsFade to Black
I Believe In Sin LyricsFade to Black
I'll Make You Burn LyricsThird Act
In A Dungeon Close To Hell LyricsFade to Black
Lady Of The Night LyricsThe Digital Crucifix
Lights Out LyricsFade to Black
Like Voodoo LyricsThe Digital Crucifix
Now When Our Stars Are Fading LyricsTheatrical Madness
Orchestration For More Than One Horn LyricsThird Act
Other Ways To Babylon LyricsTheatrical Madness
Outro LyricsTheatrical Madness
Powertools LyricsFade to Black
Sign Of The Times LyricsThe Digital Crucifix
Snow White LyricsTheatrical Madness
The Dark Minstrel Plays LyricsThird Act
The Dark Play LyricsTheatrical Madness
The Darkness Within LyricsFade to Black
The Demolition Army LyricsTheatrical Madness
The Devil's Last Temptation LyricsThird Act
The Extra Mile LyricsThe Digital Crucifix
The Final Goodbye LyricsThird Act
The Hangover LyricsThe Digital Crucifix
The Nature Is Calling LyricsThe Digital Crucifix
The Shame LyricsThe Digital Crucifix
The Ultimate Game LyricsFade to Black
Theatrical Madness LyricsTheatrical Madness
Third Act LyricsThird Act
Under The Surface Of Water LyricsThird Act
When Satan Calls LyricsTheatrical Madness
Witches Chant LyricsTheatrical Madness
Evil Masquerade lyrics Video Album

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