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Song lyrics by Elegy. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Elegy. Get one of the 73 lyrics and watch the video by artist Elegy.

Elegy lyrics Video Album
'Til Eternity LyricsForbidden Fruit
1998 (The Prophecy) LyricsLost
A Child's Breath LyricsPrinciples of Pain
Aladdin's Cave LyricsState of Mind
All Systems Go LyricsLabyrinth Of Dreams
Always With You LyricsLost
Angel Without Wings LyricsManifestation of Fear
Angel's Grace LyricsSupremacy
Anouk LyricsSupremacy
Behind The Tears LyricsForbidden Fruit
Beyond LyricsState of Mind
Circles In The Sand LyricsSupremacy
Clean Up Your Act LyricsLost
Close Your Eyes LyricsSupremacy
Creatures Of Habit LyricsPrinciples of Pain
Crossed The Line LyricsLost
Darkest Night LyricsSupremacy
Destiny Calling LyricsState of Mind
Elegant Solution LyricsForbidden Fruit
Equinox LyricsState of Mind
Erase Me LyricsSupremacy
Everything LyricsLost
Forbidden Fruit LyricsForbidden Fruit
Force Majeure LyricsForbidden Fruit
Frenzy LyricsManifestation of Fear
Hypothesis LyricsPrinciples of Pain
I Believe LyricsForbidden Fruit
Icehouse LyricsForbidden Fruit
Im No Fool LyricsLabyrinth Of Dreams
Killing Time LyricsForbidden Fruit
Labyrinth Of Dreams LyricsLabyrinth Of Dreams
Live It Again LyricsLost
Losers Game LyricsState of Mind
Lost LyricsLost
Lust For Life LyricsSupremacy
Manifestation Of Fear LyricsManifestation of Fear
Masquerade LyricsForbidden Fruit
Mass Hysteria LyricsLabyrinth Of Dreams
Master Of Deception LyricsManifestation of Fear
Metamorphosis LyricsManifestation of Fear
Missing Persons LyricsPrinciples of Pain
No Code No Honour LyricsPrinciples of Pain
Over And Out LyricsLabyrinth Of Dreams
Pilgrims Parade LyricsPrinciples of Pain
Poisoned Hearts LyricsSupremacy
Powergames LyricsLabyrinth Of Dreams
Principles Of Pain LyricsPrinciples of Pain
Redemption LyricsManifestation of Fear
Resurrection LyricsState of Mind
Savage Grace LyricsManifestation of Fear
Shadow Dancer LyricsState of Mind
Silence In The Wind LyricsPrinciples of Pain
Solitary Day (Living In An Ivory Tower) LyricsManifestation of Fear
Spanish Inquisition LyricsLost
Spirits LyricsLost
State Of Mind LyricsState of Mind
Supremacy LyricsSupremacy
Supression LyricsState of Mind
Take My Love LyricsLabyrinth Of Dreams
The Forgotten LyricsManifestation of Fear
The Grand Change LyricsLabyrinth Of Dreams
The Great Charade LyricsForbidden Fruit
The Guiding Light LyricsLabyrinth Of Dreams
The Inner Room LyricsPrinciples of Pain
Trouble In Paradise LyricsLabyrinth Of Dreams
Trust LyricsState of Mind
Under Gods Naked Eye LyricsLost
Under My Skin LyricsPrinciples of Pain
Unorthodox Methods LyricsManifestation of Fear
Victim Of Circumstances LyricsManifestation of Fear
Visual Vortex LyricsState of Mind
Walking Nightmare LyricsPrinciples of Pain
Windows Of The World LyricsSupremacy
Elegy lyrics Video Album

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