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Song lyrics by Electric Wizard. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Electric Wizard. Get one of the 53 lyrics and watch the video by artist Electric Wizard.

Electric Wizard lyrics Video Album
Another Perfect Day? LyricsWe Live
Barbarian LyricsDopethrone
Behemoth LyricsElectric Wizard
Black Butterfly LyricsElectric Wizard
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Devil's Bride LyricsElectric Wizard
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Dopethrone LyricsDopethrone
Dunwich LyricsWitchcult Today
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Electric Wizard LyricsElectric Wizard
Flower Of Evil A.k.a. Malfiore LyricsWe Live
Funeral Of Your Mind LyricsTime to Die
Funeralopolis LyricsDopethrone
I Am Nothing LyricsTime to Die
I, The Witchfinder LyricsDopethrone
Incense For The Damned LyricsTime to Die
Ivixor B / Phase Inducer LyricsCome My Fanatics...
Lucifer's Slaves LyricsTime to Die
Mountains Of Mars LyricsElectric Wizard
Mourning Prayer LyricsElectric Wizard
Patterns Of Evil LyricsBlack Masses
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Saturn Dethroned LyricsTime to Die
Saturn's Children LyricsWe Live
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Satyr IX LyricsBlack Masses
Scorpio Curse LyricsBlack Masses
Solarian 13 LyricsCome My Fanatics...
Son Of Nothing LyricsCome My Fanatics...
Stone Magnet LyricsElectric Wizard
The Chosen Few LyricsWitchcult Today
The Hills Have Eyes LyricsDopethrone
The Nightchild LyricsBlack Masses
The Sun Has Turned To Black LyricsWe Live
Time To Die LyricsTime to Die
Torquemada 71 LyricsWitchcult Today
Turn Off Your Mind LyricsBlack Masses
Venus In Furs LyricsBlack Masses
Vinum Sabbathi LyricsDopethrone
We Hate You LyricsDopethrone
We Live LyricsWe Live
We Love The Dead LyricsTime to Die
Weird Tales LyricsDopethrone
Witchcult Today LyricsWitchcult Today
Wizard In Black LyricsCome My Fanatics...
Wooden Pipe LyricsElectric Wizard
Electric Wizard lyrics Video Album

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