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Song lyrics by Electric Moon. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Electric Moon. Get one of the 35 lyrics and watch the video by artist Electric Moon.

Electric Moon lyrics Video Album
Brain Eaters Pt. 1. LyricsLunatics & Lunatics Revenge
Brain Eaters Pt. 2. LyricsLunatics & Lunatics Revenge
Burning Battenberg LyricsMC Flaming Lake
D-Tune LyricsLunatics & Lunatics Revenge
Demoon Lyrics2-CD-R Live @ Epplehaus
Doomsday Machine LyricsThe Doomsday Machine
Farewell Mr. Space Echo LyricsThe Papermoon Sessions
Feigenmonolog LyricsThe Doomsday Machine
Flaming Lake LyricsMC Flaming Lake
From The Mountains LyricsLive at United Club
Gefährliche Planetengirls LyricsLunatics & Lunatics Revenge
Hotel Hell LyricsLunatics & Lunatics Revenge
Innside LyricsInnside Outside
Kleiner Knaller LyricsThe Doomsday Machine
Lost And Found Souls LyricsMC Flaming Lake
Lunatic LyricsLunatics & Lunatics Revenge
Mental Record, Inferno LyricsInferno Re-issue
Moon Love LyricsLunatics & Lunatics Revenge
No Escape From Now LyricsYou Can see the Sound of...
Outside LyricsInnside Outside
Pequena Explosao Lyrics2-CD-R Live @ Immerhin
Powdered Stars,Blazing Milky Way LyricsCD/LP The Papermoon Sessions
Red Dust LyricsThe Papermoon Sessions
Spacemen LyricsThe Doomsday Machine
Stardust Service LyricsThe Doomsday Machine
The Circle LyricsThe Papermoon Sessions
The Cosmic Creator LyricsMC Flaming Lake
The Idle Glance LyricsCellar Space Live
The Inner Part LyricsYou Can see the Sound of...
The Picture LyricsMind Explosion
The Pop Art Accident LyricsCD-R D-Tune
The Soul Feeder LyricsCellar Space Live
The Verge Of Fainting Lyrics2-LP Cellar Space Live
Trip To The Moon LyricsMind Explosion
Trip Trip Trip LyricsSulatron Labelnight
Electric Moon lyrics Video Album

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