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Song lyrics by E.M.D.. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like E.M.D.. Get one of the 36 lyrics and watch the video by artist E.M.D..

E.M.D. lyrics Video Album
Ain't That Just The Way (Originally By Barbi .. LyricsRewind
All For Love LyricsA State Of Mind
Alone LyricsA State Of Mind
Anywhere Is Paradise (Originally By Stefan An.. LyricsRewind
Ave Maria LyricsVälkommen Hem
Baby, Goodbye LyricsA State Of Mind (Deluxe Edition)
Burning (Originally By Cue) LyricsRewind
Dancing In The Moonlight (Originally By King .. LyricsRewind
For You LyricsA State Of Mind
Gangsta's Paradise (Originally By Coolio) LyricsRewind
Give Me Some Time LyricsA State Of Mind
Halleluja LyricsVälkommen Hem
Härlig Är Jorden LyricsVälkommen Hem
I Lied LyricsA State Of Mind
Ironic (Originally By Alanis Morissette) LyricsRewind
Jennie Let Me Love You LyricsA State Of Mind
Jul, Jul, Strålande Jul LyricsVälkommen Hem
Julvisa LyricsVälkommen Hem
Koppången LyricsVälkommen Hem
Lemon Tree (Originally By Fool's Garden) LyricsRewind
Look At You Now LyricsA State Of Mind
Not Forever (Originally By Popsicle) LyricsRewind
När Det Lider Mot Jul LyricsVälkommen Hem
O,Helga Natt LyricsVälkommen Hem
One Call Away LyricsA State Of Mind
Run To You LyricsA State Of Mind
Save Tonight (Originally By Eagle-Eye Cherry) LyricsRewind
Stilla Natt LyricsVälkommen Hem
There's A Place For Us (Originally By Carrie .. LyricsRewind
This Year's Love (Originally By David Gray) LyricsRewind
Välkommen Hem LyricsVälkommen Hem
We Can LyricsA State Of Mind
What Is Love? (Original By Haddaway) LyricsRewind
You And Me Song (Originally By The Wannadies) LyricsRewind
Youngblood LyricsA State Of Mind (Deluxe Edition)
Ängel LyricsVälkommen Hem
E.M.D. lyrics Video Album

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