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Song lyrics by Dying Passion. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Dying Passion. Get one of the 59 lyrics and watch the video by artist Dying Passion.

Dying Passion lyrics Video Album
A Few Steps Into Darkness LyricsSeceretly
A Long Night (My Death) LyricsSeceretly
A Silent Witness LyricsAbsorb
A Strange Something LyricsAmplify
A White Dream LyricsVoyage
Ashes To Ashes LyricsRelief
Autumn Poet LyricsVoyage
Back Of Beyond LyricsAmplify
Born On The 4th Of July LyricsRelief
Broken Sleep LyricsAbsorb
Call Me Away LyricsRelief
Disgarce With Fortune LyricsSeceretly
Do You Want To Fly? LyricsSweet Disillusions
Electra LyricsAmplify
From Them LyricsSweet Disillusions
Give LyricsAbsorb
Golden Etenity LyricsSeceretly
High On The Blind Speed LyricsSweet Disillusions
Him Faraway LyricsSweet Disillusions
Hot Breath Of Night LyricsVoyage
How Many LyricsRelief
I Have No Doubt LyricsVoyage
I Like A Noise LyricsAbsorb
I'm Walking LyricsRelief
Illusion LyricsAmplify
Innocent LyricsRelief
Intangible LyricsRelief
It′s Snowing Through The Night. LyricsSeceretly
Journey To What Is Due LyricsAbsorb
Last Moment LyricsVoyage
Microcosmos LyricsVoyage
Muse Of Mundane Days LyricsAbsorb
My Apology LyricsAbsorb
My Best Friend LyricsAmplify
Not Till Death Do Us Part LyricsRelief
On The Other Side Of Barricade LyricsAbsorb
On The Road LyricsVoyage
Path To The Land Of Visions LyricsAmplify
Pilgrimage LyricsVoyage
Psychic (A Soul Wreck) LyricsRelief
Questions LyricsAbsorb
Reed LyricsVoyage
Secretly LyricsSeceretly
See The Bottom? LyricsAmplify
Severance LyricsVoyage
Song Of Librety LyricsSweet Disillusions
Strange Beauty Of The Fright - Nosce Te Ipsum.. Lyrics
Summer Dream LyricsSweet Disillusions
Surveillance LyricsAbsorb
Sweet Disillusions LyricsSweet Disillusions
Tender Renown LyricsSweet Disillusions
The Creeps LyricsRelief
The Request LyricsSeceretly
Thousand Eyes LyricsAmplify
Two Of Us Alone LyricsAmplify
Velvet Confessions LyricsSweet Disillusions
When I Die LyricsSeceretly
Within Reach LyricsSweet Disillusions
Words LyricsRelief
Dying Passion lyrics Video Album

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