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DreamTale lyrics Video Album
Angel Eyes LyricsOcean's Heart
Angel Of Light LyricsEpsilon
Back To The Stars LyricsWorld Changed Forever
Between Love And Hate [Bonus Track] LyricsPhoenix
Cabal Toyboy LyricsSeventhian ...Memories of Time
Call Of The Wild LyricsBeyond Reality
Chosen One LyricsOcean's Heart
Dancing In The Twilight LyricsBeyond Reality
Destiny's Chance LyricsWorld Changed Forever
Dreality LyricsSeventhian ...Memories of Time
DreamLand LyricsBeyond Reality
Dreamtime LyricsWorld Changed Forever
Each Time I Die LyricsEpsilon
Embrace My Scars LyricsSeventhian ...Memories of Time
Eyes Of The Clown LyricsPhoenix
Faceless Men LyricsPhoenix
Failed States LyricsPhoenix
Fallen Star LyricsBeyond Reality
Farewell... LyricsBeyond Reality
Firebird LyricsPhoenix
Firestorm LyricsEpsilon
Fly LyricsDifference
Fly Away LyricsEpsilon
Fool's Gold LyricsOcean's Heart
For Our Future LyricsSeventhian ...Memories of Time
Fusion Illusion LyricsSeventhian ...Memories of Time
Garden Of Eternity LyricsOcean's Heart
Great Shadow LyricsPhoenix
Green Fields LyricsDifference
Greenback Hunter LyricsSeventhian ...Memories of Time
Hearts Desire LyricsBeyond Reality
If You Will Go LyricsOcean's Heart
Island Of My Heart LyricsWorld Changed Forever
Join The Rain LyricsWorld Changed Forever
Lady Dragon [Bonus Track] LyricsPhoenix
Lady Of A Thousand Lakes LyricsEpsilon
Lost Souls LyricsDifference
Lucid Times LyricsDifference
March To Glory LyricsEpsilon
Memories Of Time LyricsBeyond Reality
Mirror LyricsDifference
Moral Messiah LyricsSeventhian ...Memories of Time
Mortal Games LyricsEpsilon
My Next Move LyricsWorld Changed Forever
My Only Wish LyricsOcean's Heart
Names On The Wall LyricsSeventhian ...Memories of Time
New Life LyricsDifference
No Angels No More LyricsPhoenix
Ocean's Heart LyricsOcean's Heart
October Is Mine LyricsSeventhian ...Memories of Time
Payback LyricsPhoenix
Picnic Inferno LyricsSeventhian ...Memories of Time
Powerplay (Bonus Track) Lyrics
Reality Reborn LyricsSeventhian ...Memories of Time
Reasons Revealed LyricsEpsilon
Refuge From Reality LyricsBeyond Reality
Return To The Sea LyricsOcean's Heart
Rising Wind LyricsOcean's Heart
Sail Away LyricsDifference
Secred Door LyricsDifference
Silent Path LyricsBeyond Reality
Strangers' Ode LyricsEpsilon
Take What The Heavens Create LyricsPhoenix
Tears LyricsOcean's Heart
The Awakening LyricsOcean's Heart
The Dawn / Intro LyricsBeyond Reality
The Heart After Dark LyricsWorld Changed Forever
The Shore LyricsWorld Changed Forever
The Signs Were True LyricsWorld Changed Forever
The Vigilante LyricsPhoenix
The End Of Our Days [Bonus Track] LyricsWorld Changed Forever
Tides Of War LyricsWorld Changed Forever
Time Of Fatherhood LyricsBeyond Reality
True Life LyricsSeventhian ...Memories of Time
Two Hundred Men LyricsOcean's Heart
We Have No God LyricsWorld Changed Forever
We Are One LyricsDifference
Where Eternal Jesters Reign LyricsEpsilon
Where The Rainbow Ends LyricsBeyond Reality
Whisper LyricsOcean's Heart
Wings Of Icaros LyricsDifference
World Changed Forever LyricsWorld Changed Forever
World's Child LyricsDifference
Yesterdays News LyricsPhoenix
DreamTale lyrics Video Album

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