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Song lyrics by Dreamshade. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Dreamshade. Get one of the 37 lyrics and watch the video by artist Dreamshade.

Dreamshade lyrics Video Album
Another Me, Another You LyricsVibrant
As Serenity Falls LyricsWhat Silence Hides
Autumn Leaves LyricsVibrant
Consumed Future LyricsThe Gift Of Life
Damned Visions LyricsTo The Edge Of Reality
DeGeneration LyricsWhat Silence Hides
Don't Wanna Go LyricsVibrant
Dreamers Don't Sleep LyricsVibrant
Erased By Time LyricsWhat Silence Hides
Eternal LyricsWhat Silence Hides
Falling LyricsTo The Edge Of Reality
Father LyricsVibrant
It's Over LyricsVibrant
It's Worth A Try (Japanese Bonus) LyricsWhat Silence Hides
Late Confessions LyricsThe Gift Of Life
Losing Touch LyricsVibrant
Miles Away LyricsWhat Silence Hides
Oceantides LyricsVibrant
Only Memories Remain LyricsWhat Silence Hides
Open Wounds LyricsWhat Silence Hides
Our Buried Secrets LyricsTo The Edge Of Reality
Our Flame LyricsThe Gift Of Life
Photographs LyricsThe Gift Of Life
Revive In Me LyricsWhat Silence Hides
Sandcastles LyricsThe Gift Of Life
Sincere LyricsThe Gift Of Life
Sleep Alone LyricsVibrant
The Chosen One LyricsTo The Edge Of Reality
The Gift Of Life LyricsThe Gift Of Life
The World In My Hands LyricsVibrant
Up All Night LyricsVibrant
Venom Of Life LyricsTo The Edge Of Reality
Wants & Needs LyricsThe Gift Of Life
What Silence Hides LyricsWhat Silence Hides
Where My Heart Belongs LyricsVibrant
Wide Awake LyricsWhat Silence Hides
Your Voice LyricsThe Gift Of Life
Dreamshade lyrics Video Album

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