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Song lyrics by Dreamscape. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Dreamscape. Get one of the 37 lyrics and watch the video by artist Dreamscape.

Dreamscape lyrics Video Album
5Th Season Lyrics5th Season
A Matter Of Time Transforming LyricsEvrylight
A Mental Journey LyricsEvrylight
All I Need LyricsEnd of Silence
Borderline Lyrics5th Season
Breathing Spaces LyricsEvrylight
Changes LyricsTrance-like State
Clockwork LyricsEnd of Silence
Decisions LyricsTrance-like State
Deja Vu Lyrics5th Season
Different Lyrics5th Season
Everlight LyricsEvrylight
Face Your Fears LyricsTrance-like State
Farewell Lyrics5th Season
Fateful Silence LyricsTrance-like State
Fed Up With Lyrics5th Season
Final Dawn LyricsEvrylight
Flow LyricsEnd of Silence
Fortune And Fate LyricsEvrylight
Infected Ground LyricsEnd of Silence
Led Astray LyricsEvrylight
Loneliness LyricsTrance-like State
More Than LyricsEnd of Silence
One LyricsEvrylight
One And A Million LyricsTrance-like State
Phenomenon Lyrics5th Season
Point Zero Lyrics5th Season
Refugium In Db-Major LyricsEvrylight
Restless LyricsEvrylight
Short-Time News LyricsEnd of Silence
Silent Maze LyricsEnd of Silence
Somebody Lyrics5th Season
Spirits LyricsTrance-like State
Streets LyricsTrance-like State
The End Of Light LyricsEnd of Silence
The Violet Flame Forever LyricsEvrylight
You Don't Know Me LyricsEnd of Silence
Dreamscape lyrics Video Album

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