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Song lyrics by Dreamland. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Dreamland. Get one of the 33 lyrics and watch the video by artist Dreamland.

Dreamland lyrics Video Album
A New Dimension LyricsFuture's Calling
A New Way LyricsFuture's Calling
A Touch Of Evil LyricsExit 49
All For One LyricsFuture's Calling
Blank Mind LyricsFuture's Calling
Breaking The Chains LyricsFuture's Calling
Carousel Of Pain LyricsEye for an Eye
Children Of Tomorrow LyricsEye for an Eye
Chosen Ones LyricsEye for an Eye
Destiny LyricsFuture's Calling
Die Slowly LyricsFuture's Calling
Dreamland LyricsFuture's Calling
Exit 49 LyricsExit 49
Eye For An Eye LyricsEye for an Eye
Fade Away LyricsFuture's Calling
Forever And Ever LyricsEye for an Eye
Future's Calling LyricsFuture's Calling
Hearts Like Lions LyricsFuture's Calling
Heavenly Designed LyricsEye for an Eye
My Sweet Revenge LyricsExit 49
Nordic Rage LyricsExit 49
Reverse Deny LyricsEye for an Eye
Revolution In Paradise LyricsEye for an Eye
Secret Signs LyricsEye for an Eye
Set The Heavens On Fire LyricsExit 49
Shadows Of The Night LyricsEye for an Eye
Shortest Straw LyricsExit 49
So Weak So Feeble LyricsExit 49
Song For You LyricsExit 49
Spread Your Wings LyricsEye for an Eye
The Curse LyricsExit 49
The Warning LyricsExit 49
Worlds Apart LyricsExit 49
Dreamland lyrics Video Album

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