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Song lyrics by Dispatched. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Dispatched. Get one of the 46 lyrics and watch the video by artist Dispatched.

Dispatched lyrics Video Album
...Is Born LyricsBlackshadows
A Griffin Banner LyricsPromised Land (MCD)
Act Of Resurrection LyricsBlackshadows
Awaiting The End LyricsBlackshadows
Beneath The World Of Chaos LyricsTerrorizer
Blackshadows LyricsBlackshadows
Blue Fire LyricsBlackshadows
Canis Lupus LyricsReturned to Your Mind (MCD)
Cyber LyricsTerrorizer
Darkness LyricsBlackshadows
Demoniac Of Cannibalism LyricsDispatched into External (DEMO)
Dispatched LyricsMotherwar
Dispatched Into External LyricsDispatched into External (DEMO)
Down LyricsMotherwar
Ghastly Gates LyricsBlackshadows
Grant Me Rest LyricsPromised Land (MCD)
Hang You In The Tongue LyricsDispatched into External (DEMO)
Harmageddon LyricsBlackshadows
Hate My Life LyricsReturned to Your Mind (MCD)
Horizon Of Dawn I LyricsBlackshadows
Horizon Of Dawn II LyricsBlackshadows
Horizon Of Dawn III LyricsBlackshadows
I Am Thy Lord LyricsTerrorizer
Like A River Of Sand LyricsReturned to Your Mind (MCD)
Mechanical LyricsTerrorizer
Motherwar LyricsMotherwar
Override LyricsTerrorizer
Promised Land LyricsPromised Land (MCD)
Rebellion LyricsTerrorizer
Red Zone LyricsBlackshadows
Restless Mind LyricsReturned to Your Mind (MCD)
Revenous Man LyricsPromised Land (MCD)
Ruined Minds LyricsDispatched into External (DEMO)
Seattle + Tranquility LyricsBlackshadows
She's Lost LyricsMotherwar
Silver Waves LyricsMotherwar
Templar LyricsMotherwar
Terrorizer LyricsTerrorizer
The Crusade Of The Northern Gods LyricsAct of (DEMO)
The Final Countdown (Europe Cover) LyricsMotherwar
The Revealing LyricsPromised Land (MCD)
To Sleep You Go LyricsMotherwar
Under The Ice (Short Version) LyricsTerrorizer
Waste Some Steel LyricsTerrorizer
Wicked Dreams LyricsTerrorizer
You Only Know Life LyricsBlackshadows
Dispatched lyrics Video Album

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