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(ver)Gift(et) LyricsPsychoma?
21 Grams Of Nothing Lyrics(If)
A Dark Embrace LyricsElegies in Darkness
A Sinner's Instincts LyricsBird Without Wings
A Day In December LyricsElegies in Darkness
Allocution LyricsThe Plague
Alone LyricsNekrolog 43
AmoK LyricsThe Anatomy of Silence
An Empty House LyricsElegies in Darkness
And Silence Still Remains LyricsCholymelan
Aphelion LyricsBird Without Wings
At The Border Of My Nation LyricsCholymelan
Babylon LyricsOne of 18 Angels
Bastard LyricsFreak Perfume
Between The Clouds LyricsCholymelan
But The Wind Was Stronger LyricsBird Without Wings
Butterfly Dance LyricsOne of 18 Angels
Cannibals LyricsNigredo
Charma Sleeper LyricsNigredo
Chemicals LyricsOne of 18 Angels
Choir Hotel Lyrics(If)
Cholymelan LyricsCholymelan
Cholymelan New Version LyricsMoments Of Bloom
Chrysalis LyricsFreak Perfume
Cold Deceit LyricsEnd of Flowers
Colorblind LyricsOne of 18 Angels
Congratulations LyricsNekrolog 43
Daemon LyricsElegies in Darkness
Darker LyricsOne of 18 Angels
Day-X-Relic LyricsMenschfeind
Dead Letter LyricsNigredo
Dead Souls Dreaming LyricsOne of 18 Angels
Die Gassen Der Stadt LyricsElegies in Darkness
Dissolution LyricsBird Without Wings
Dogs Of War LyricsElegies in Darkness
Drama LyricsPaniK Manifesto
Dream Of A Ghost LyricsElegies in Darkness
Drop Dead LyricsPsychoma?
E.-Dead-Motion LyricsPsychoma?
Echo In Me LyricsEgo:X
Element 1: Zeitgeist LyricsEgo:X
Element 2: Illusion LyricsEgo:X
Element 3: Stagnation LyricsEgo:X
Element 4: Angst LyricsEgo:X
Element 5: Resignation LyricsEgo:X
Element IV: Angst (DCII Version) LyricsDream Collector II
End Of Flowers LyricsMoments Of Bloom
End(giftet)? LyricsPsychoma?
Eternal Tears Of Sorrow Lyrics
Ex-île LyricsBird Without Wings
Eyesolation LyricsEnd of Flowers
False Affection, False Creation LyricsMoments Of Bloom
Fateful Decoy LyricsEgo:X
Flood Of Tears LyricsBird Without Wings
Giftraum LyricsNigredo
Giftraum (DCII Version) LyricsDream Collector II
Grey The Blue LyricsEgo:X
Grey The Blue (DCII Version) LyricsDream Collector II
Haus Der Stille LyricsMenschfeind
House Of Odds LyricsElegies in Darkness
Hypo)crypticK(al LyricsNekrolog 43
Immerdar LyricsEgo:X
Into X LyricsEgo:X
June LyricsBird Without Wings
Killers LyricsMenschfeind
Kindrom LyricsNigredo
King Of Nowhere (Club Mix DCII Edit) LyricsDream Collector II
King Of Nowhere Lyrics(If)
Kingdom Of Greed Lyrics(If)
Krank:Haft LyricsNigredo
Lebenslang LyricsEgo:X
Luna(-tic) LyricsPsychoma?
Malice LyricsNekrolog 43
Malum LyricsElegies in Darkness
Mankind LyricsOne of 18 Angels
Mask Of Shame LyricsNigredo
Matching Lives LyricsNekrolog 43
Mein-Eid LyricsEgo:X
MenschFeind LyricsMenschfeind
Methusalem LyricsPsychoma?
Mind Over Matter Lyrics(If)
Momentum Lyrics(If)
Monsters And Demons LyricsPaniK Manifesto
Mythology Of Violence LyricsElegies in Darkness
Nekrolog 43 LyricsNekrolog 43
Never Freeze LyricsPsychoma?
Never Tell The Widow LyricsDream Collector II
Never! Land LyricsPsychoma?
Nobody Left To Blame LyricsOne of 18 Angels
O'Brother Sleep LyricsThe Anatomy of Silence
Oblivion LyricsEnd of Flowers
Odyssey Asylum Lyrics(If)
Out Of X LyricsEgo:X
Painkiller LyricsPaniK Manifesto
Panik LyricsPaniK Manifesto
Pentaphobia LyricsMenschfeind
People Watcher LyricsOne of 18 Angels
Phantasmagoria LyricsCholymelan
Play God LyricsFreak Perfume
Poison Breed Lyrics(If)
Portrait Of A Cynic LyricsNigredo
Psycho-Logic LyricsNigredo
Psycho-Logic (Alternative Version) LyricsDream Collector II
Push Me (Feat. Amelia Brightman) LyricsEgo:X
Reality Of Mine LyricsMoments Of Bloom
Regicide Lyrics(If)
Reign Of Chaos LyricsNigredo
Remedy Child LyricsNekrolog 43
Remedy Mine LyricsElegies in Darkness
Requiem Lyrics
Requiem 4.21 Lyrics(If)
Retaliation LyricsMoments Of Bloom
Rumours About Angels LyricsThe Anatomy of Silence
Scars Of Greed LyricsEnd of Flowers
She LyricsFreak Perfume
She And Her Darkness LyricsFreak Perfume
Sin Skinner LyricsPaniK Manifesto
Son Of A Thief LyricsNekrolog 43
Soul Stripper LyricsPaniK Manifesto
Splinter LyricsEgo:X
Splinter (Original Version) LyricsDream Collector II
Stimulation LyricsBird Without Wings
StummKult LyricsElegies in Darkness
Tears Of Joy LyricsNekrolog 43
Tears Of Laughter LyricsEnd of Flowers
The Battle LyricsElegies in Darkness
The Chain Lyrics(If)
The Colors Of Grey Lyrics(If)
The Curse LyricsFreak Perfume
The Darkest Of All Hours LyricsNekrolog 43
The Game LyricsElegies in Darkness
The Luxury Of Insanity LyricsElegies in Darkness
The Plague LyricsNekrolog 43
The Plague (Vers.N4-4) LyricsThe Plague
The Return LyricsEgo:X
The Return (DCII Dark Edit) LyricsDream Collector II
The Saint Lyrics(If)
The Scream LyricsPaniK Manifesto
The Stranger Remains LyricsCholymelan
The Valley LyricsNekrolog 43
The Wedding Lyrics(If)
The Wedding (DCII Edit) LyricsDream Collector II
The Witching Hour LyricsNigredo
To Conquer The Angel's Laugh LyricsCholymelan
Trance Formation Baby LyricsPsychoma?
Traum:A LyricsFreak Perfume
Traumtänzer LyricsThe Plague
Treibsand LyricsMenschfeind
UnMensch LyricsNigredo
UnWanted? LyricsNekrolog 43
Undividable LyricsEgo:X
Undividable (DCII E-Mix Edit) LyricsDream Collector II
Verdict LyricsFreak Perfume
Victimized LyricsEnd of Flowers
Wahn!Sinn? Lyrics(If)
Weh: Mut LyricsEgo:X
Wild LyricsPsychoma?
Willow LyricsEnd of Flowers
Winter´s Decay LyricsCholymelan
You(-Das) LyricsPsychoma?
Diary of Dreams lyrics Video Album

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