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Song lyrics by Diamond Head. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Diamond Head. Get one of the 47 lyrics and watch the video by artist Diamond Head.

Diamond Head lyrics Video Album
Alimony LyricsAll will be revealed
All Will Be Revealed LyricsAll will be revealed
Am I Evil? LyricsBorrowed Time
Borrowed Time LyricsBorrowed Time
Broken Pieces LyricsAll will be revealed
Call Me LyricsBorrowed Time
Calling Your Name LyricsDeath and progress
Canterbury LyricsCanterbury
Come Alive LyricsAll will be revealed
Damnation Street LyricsDeath and progress
Dead Or Living LyricsAll will be revealed
Dead Reckoning LyricsBorrowed Time
Don't You Ever Leave Me LyricsBorrowed Time
Drinking Again LyricsAll will be revealed
Dust LyricsDeath and progress
Fallen Angel LyricsAll will be revealed
Give It To Me LyricsAll will be revealed
Helpless LyricsLightning To The Nations
Home LyricsDeath and progress
I Need Your Love LyricsCanterbury
I Can't Help Myself LyricsDeath and progress
In The Heat Of The Night LyricsBorrowed Time
Ishmael LyricsCanterbury
It's Electric LyricsLightning To The Nations
Knight Of The Swords LyricsCanterbury
Lightning To The Nations LyricsBorrowed Time
Lost At Sea LyricsAll will be revealed
Makin' Music LyricsCanterbury
Mine All Mine LyricsAll will be revealed
Muddy Waters LyricsAll will be revealed
Nihgtmare LyricsAll will be revealed
One More Night LyricsCanterbury
Out Of Phase LyricsCanterbury
Paradise LyricsDeath and progress
Play It Loud LyricsBorrowed Time
Run LyricsDeath and progress
Shoot Out The Lights LyricsBorrowed Time
Starcrossed (Lovers Of The Night) LyricsDeath and progress
Sucking My Love LyricsLightning To The Nations
Sweet & Innocent LyricsLightning To The Nations
The Kingmaker LyricsCanterbury
The Prince LyricsLightning To The Nations
To Heaven From Hell LyricsBorrowed Time
To The Devil His Due LyricsCanterbury
Trick Or Treat LyricsBorrowed Time
Truckin' LyricsDeath and progress
Wild On The Streets LyricsDeath and progress
Diamond Head lyrics Video Album

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