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Song lyrics by DGM. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like DGM. Get one of the 53 lyrics and watch the video by artist DGM.

DGM lyrics Video Album
...in A Movie LyricsFrAme
A Drop Of Shadow LyricsWings of Time
A Man I'll Never Be LyricsDifferent Shapes
A New Day's Coming LyricsMisplaced
Amazing Journey LyricsMisplaced
Anthem LyricsChange Direction
Away LyricsFrAme
Blame LyricsMomentum
Brainstorming LyricsChange Direction
Brand New Blood LyricsFrAme
Change Direction LyricsChange Direction
Chaos LyricsMomentum
Deep Inside LyricsWings of Time
Do What You Want! LyricsChange Direction
Enhancement LyricsFrAme
Fading & Falling LyricsFrAme
Frontiers LyricsDifferent Shapes
Guiding Light LyricsWings of Time
Heartache LyricsFrAme
Hereafter LyricsFrAme
I'll Dream Of You LyricsWings of Time
In My Heart LyricsChange Direction
Is Hell Without Love? LyricsMisplaced
Livin' On The Edge LyricsMisplaced
Lonely Nights LyricsChange Direction
Mirrors Of The Night LyricsWings of Time
New Life LyricsDifferent Shapes
Nightmare LyricsWings of Time
No Looking Back LyricsFrAme
Not In Need LyricsFrAme
Numb LyricsMomentum
Overload LyricsMomentum
Pages LyricsMomentum
Peace Of Mind LyricsDifferent Shapes
Perennial Quest LyricsMisplaced
Pride LyricsMisplaced
Reason LyricsMomentum
Remembrance LyricsMomentum
Repay LyricsMomentum
Rest In Peace LyricsFrAme
Signs Of Time LyricsDifferent Shapes
Some Day, One Day LyricsDifferent Shapes
Still Believe LyricsMisplaced
The Alliance LyricsDifferent Shapes
The Fallen Angel LyricsDifferent Shapes
The Last Memory LyricsChange Direction
The Other Side LyricsWings of Time
Through My Tears LyricsMisplaced
Trust LyricsMomentum
Universe LyricsMomentum
Unkept Promises LyricsDifferent Shapes
Void LyricsMomentum
Waiting For The Sunrise LyricsWings of Time
DGM lyrics Video Album

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