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Song lyrics by Dethklok. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Dethklok. Get one of the 45 lyrics and watch the video by artist Dethklok.

Dethklok lyrics Video Album
Andromeda LyricsDethalbum III
Awaken LyricsThe Dethlbum
Better Metal Snake LyricsThe Dethlbum
Biological Warfare LyricsDethalbum III
Birthday Dethday LyricsThe Dethlbum
Black Fire Upon Us LyricsDethalbum II
Blood Ocean LyricsThe Deathalbum (Deluxe Bonus Disc)
Bloodlines LyricsDethalbum II
Bloodrocuted LyricsThe Dethlbum
Briefcase Full Of Guts LyricsThe Dethlbum
Burn The Earth LyricsDethalbum II
Castraticon LyricsThe Dethlbum
Comet Song LyricsDethalbum II
Crush The Industry LyricsDethalbum III
Deth Support LyricsDethalbum II
Dethharmonic LyricsThe Dethlbum
Dethklok Intro LyricsThe Dethlbum
Dethklok Gets In Tune LyricsThe Deathalbum (Deluxe Bonus Disc)
Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle LyricsThe Deathalbum (Deluxe Bonus Disc)
Face Fisted LyricsThe Dethlbum
Fansong LyricsThe Dethlbum
Ghostqueen LyricsDethalbum III
Go Forth And Die LyricsThe Dethlbum
Hatredcopter LyricsThe Dethlbum
Hatredy LyricsThe Deathalbum (Deluxe Bonus Disc)
I Ejaculate Fire LyricsDethalbum III
Impeach God LyricsDethalbum III
Into The Water LyricsThe Dethlbum
Kill You LyricsThe Deathalbum (Deluxe Bonus Disc)
Killstardo Abominate LyricsDethalbum III
Laser Cannon Deth Sentence LyricsDethalbum II
Murdertrain A Comin' LyricsThe Deathalbum (Deluxe Bonus Disc)
Murmaider LyricsThe Dethlbum
Murmaider II: The Water God LyricsDethalbum II
Rejoin LyricsDethalbum III
Skyhunter LyricsDethalbum III
Starved LyricsDethalbum III
Symmetry LyricsDethalbum II
The Cyborg Slayers LyricsDethalbum II
The Galaxy LyricsDethalbum III
The Gears LyricsDethalbum II
The Hammer LyricsDethalbum III
The Lost Vikings LyricsThe Dethlbum
Thunderhorse LyricsThe Dethlbum
Volcano LyricsDethalbum II
Dethklok lyrics Video Album

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