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Song lyrics by Delain. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Delain. Get one of the 67 lyrics and watch the video by artist Delain.

Delain lyrics Video Album
Amenity (Silhouette Of A Dancer Demo) LyricsAmenity
April Rain LyricsApril Rain
Are You Done With Me? LyricsInterlude
Army Of Dolls LyricsThe Human Contradiction
Babylon LyricsWe Are The Others
Breathe On Me LyricsInterlude
Chrysalis - The Last Breath LyricsMoonbathers
Collars And Suits LyricsInterlude
Come Closer LyricsApril Rain
Control The Storm LyricsApril Rain
Cordell LyricsInterlude
Danse Macabre LyricsMoonbathers
Day For Ghost LyricsLucidity
Daylight Lucidity LyricsLucidity
Deep Frozen LyricsLucidity
Don't Let Go (Bonus Track) LyricsThe Human Contradiction
Electricity LyricsWe Are The Others
Fire With Fire LyricsMoonbathers
Forest LyricsAmenity
Frozen LyricsLucidity
Generation Me LyricsWe Are The Others
Get The Devil Out Of Me LyricsWe Are The Others
Go Away LyricsApril Rain
Hands Of Gold LyricsMoonbathers
Here Come The Vultures LyricsThe Human Contradiction
Hit Me With Your Best Shot LyricsWe Are The Others
I Want You LyricsWe Are The Others
I'll Reach You LyricsApril Rain
Invidia LyricsApril Rain
Lost LyricsApril Rain
Lullaby LyricsThe Human Contradiction
Maniken (Daylight Lucidity Demo) LyricsAmenity
Milk And Honey LyricsWe Are The Others
Mother Machine LyricsWe Are The Others
My Masquerade LyricsThe Human Contradiction
No Compliance LyricsLucidity
Not Enough LyricsWe Are The Others
Nothing Left LyricsApril Rain
On The Other Side LyricsApril Rain
Pendulum LyricsMoonbathers
Predestined Lives (Frozen Demo) LyricsAmenity
Pristine LyricsLucidity
Scandal (Queen Cover) LyricsMoonbathers
Scarlet (Bonus Track) LyricsThe Human Contradiction
See Me In Shadow LyricsLucidity
Sever LyricsLucidity
Shattered LyricsLucidity
Silhouette Of A Dancer LyricsLucidity
Sing To Me LyricsThe Human Contradiction
Sleepwalker's Dream LyricsLucidity
Smalltown Boy (Bronski Beat Cover) LyricsSmalltown Boy
Stardust LyricsThe Human Contradiction
Start Swimming LyricsApril Rain
Stay Forever LyricsApril Rain
Such A Shame LyricsInterlude
Suckerpunch LyricsMoonbathers
Tell Me, Mechanist LyricsThe Human Contradiction
The Gathering LyricsLucidity
The Glory And The Scum LyricsMoonbathers
The Hurricane LyricsMoonbathers
The Monarch LyricsMoonbathers
The Tragedy Of The Commons LyricsThe Human Contradiction
Turn The Lights Out LyricsMoonbathers
Virtue And Vice LyricsApril Rain
We Are The Others LyricsWe Are The Others
Where Is The Blood (feat. Burton C. Bell) LyricsWe Are The Others
Your Body Is A Battleground LyricsThe Human Contradiction
Delain lyrics Video Album

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