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Song lyrics by Dawn of Destiny. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Dawn of Destiny. Get one of the 52 lyrics and watch the video by artist Dawn of Destiny.

Dawn of Destiny lyrics Video Album
A Better Time To Come LyricsHuman Fragility
All Those Lies Lyrics...Begins
Alone At Night Lyrics...Begins
Angel Without Wings LyricsRebellion in Heaven
Another Fallen Angel Lyrics...Begins
Another Pain LyricsPraying to the World
Beast Human LyricsPraying to the World
Bleeding Me LyricsPraying to the World
Blown Away LyricsHuman Fragility
Break The Silence Lyrics...Begins
Coldest Night Lyrics...Begins
Condemnation Lyrics...Begins
Dawn Of Destiny Lyrics...Begins
Days Of Crying LyricsRebellion in Heaven
Destiny Unknown LyricsHuman Fragility
Dying Alone LyricsHuman Fragility
End Of Pain LyricsHuman Fragility
Ending Dream LyricsRebellion in Heaven
Flying Away Lyrics...Begins
For Love LyricsHuman Fragility
Haven's Falling Down LyricsRebellion in Heaven
Healing Touch Lyrics...Begins
Human Fragility LyricsHuman Fragility
In Between LyricsRebellion in Heaven
In A Heartless World LyricsHuman Fragility
Inquisition LyricsRebellion in Heaven
Last Day LyricsRebellion in Heaven
Learning To Fly LyricsHuman Fragility
Lost LyricsRebellion in Heaven
Miracles LyricsPraying to the World
Misunderstood LyricsPraying to the World
My Four Walls LyricsPraying to the World
My Life Lies In Ruins LyricsPraying to the World
One Heart LyricsHuman Fragility
One Last Word LyricsPraying to the World
Perceive Me LyricsRebellion in Heaven
Place In Heaven Lyrics...Begins
Place Of Mercy LyricsPraying to the World
Praying To The World LyricsPraying to the World
Promised Land LyricsPraying to the World
Rain LyricsRebellion in Heaven
Save Us LyricsRebellion in Heaven
Silent Suffering LyricsHuman Fragility
Tears LyricsRebellion in Heaven
Ten Plagues Of Egypt LyricsHuman Fragility
The Right Path LyricsPraying to the World
This Aching Heart LyricsPraying to the World
Torture Room Lyrics...Begins
Unborn Child LyricsHuman Fragility
Unchained Someday LyricsHuman Fragility
Unexpected Guest LyricsRebellion in Heaven
Where Are You Now LyricsRebellion in Heaven
Dawn of Destiny lyrics Video Album

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