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Song lyrics by Dave Martone. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Dave Martone. Get one of the 57 lyrics and watch the video by artist Dave Martone.

Dave Martone lyrics Video Album
7th Dimension LyricsZone
A Demons Dream LyricsA Demon's Dream
A.M.D. LyricsShut Up and Listen
Angel LyricsWhen The Aliens Come
Angel Fish LyricsClean
Attack Of The Celery Crunchers LyricsA Demon's Dream
B52 LyricsZone
Bach-Tone LyricsZone
Big Church LyricsA Demon's Dream
Bossa Dorado LyricsClean
Code Red LyricsA Demon's Dream
Coming Clean LyricsClean
Country Maniac LyricsA Demon's Dream
Demon Fetal Harvest LyricsA Demon's Dream
Dinky Pinky LyricsClean
Do Da LyricsA Demon's Dream
Double FF's LyricsWhen The Aliens Come
Eight Notes LyricsZone
Fading Into Change LyricsClean
Fish To L.A LyricsZone
Flatulation Farm LyricsWhen The Aliens Come
Free Bop LyricsZone
Fumble Fingers LyricsWhen The Aliens Come
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat LyricsA Demon's Dream
Got Da Blues LyricsA Demon's Dream
Hard Wired LyricsClean
Harmonix LyricsZone
If I Was A Piano LyricsClean
Jazzanada LyricsZone
Lets Dream LyricsZone
Lips Tulips LyricsShut Up and Listen
Maneemanaw LyricsWhen The Aliens Come
Mike Crow's Mailbox Of Doom! LyricsWhen The Aliens Come
Missed Birthday LyricsZone
Moron Face LyricsClean
Nail Grinder LyricsClean
O My God I'm Swelling! LyricsWhen The Aliens Come
Palpitation LyricsShut Up and Listen
Panemenco LyricsA Demon's Dream
Party In The Cockpit LyricsShut Up and Listen
Pigeon Walk LyricsShut Up and Listen
Playing Between The Molecules Of Time LyricsShut Up and Listen
Pung Yao LyricsWhen The Aliens Come
Really Now! LyricsWhen The Aliens Come
Shut Up LyricsShut Up and Listen
Starz Scarz LyricsWhen The Aliens Come
Tap Thang LyricsZone
Techno Beez LyricsWhen The Aliens Come
The Fan LyricsZone
The Four Horseman LyricsWhen The Aliens Come
The Goodie Squiggee Song LyricsClean
Tone Of Darkness LyricsA Demon's Dream
Turn On The Heater LyricsClean
Victoria LyricsZone
Waves Of Emotion LyricsShut Up and Listen
What The Hell LyricsA Demon's Dream
When The Aliens Come LyricsWhen The Aliens Come
Dave Martone lyrics Video Album

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