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Song lyrics by Dark Princess. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Dark Princess. Get one of the 42 lyrics and watch the video by artist Dark Princess.

Dark Princess lyrics Video Album
Close To The Sky LyricsStop My Heart
Cry LyricsStop My Heart
Endless Dead Time LyricsStop My Heart
Everlasting Pain LyricsThe World I've Lost
Fields Of Youth LyricsThe World I've Lost
Fight With Myself LyricsThe World I've Lost
Join Me In Life LyricsStop My Heart
Let Me Go LyricsWithout You
Living In Me LyricsWithout You
Lost Sunrise LyricsWithout You
My Fragile Winter Dream LyricsWithout You
No Pain LyricsStop My Heart
Not Of This World LyricsЖестокая игра
One Last Goodbye LyricsStop My Heart
Paradise Land LyricsThe World I've Lost
Please Betray Me LyricsStop My Heart
Point Of No Return LyricsThe World I've Lost
Reach The Sky LyricsWithout You
Stop My Heart LyricsStop My Heart
Taste Of Shame LyricsWithout You
The Deepest Fall LyricsStop My Heart
The Game LyricsWithout You
The Key LyricsЖестокая игра
The Last Page LyricsThe World I've Lost
The Pyres Song LyricsStop My Heart
The Skin Of The Universe LyricsWithout You
The Temple Of Darkness LyricsThe World I've Lost
The Way Of Passion LyricsThe World I've Lost
We Can Not Fly So High LyricsThe World I've Lost
Without You LyricsWithout You
Yearning For The Sun LyricsWithout You
Вершишь новый грех (New Sin) LyricsЖестокая игра
Время уйти (Time To Leave) LyricsЖестокая игра
Жестокая игра (Cruel Game) LyricsЖестокая игра
Когда проснулось небо (When I Woke Up The Sky.. LyricsЖестокая игра
На самом дне (At The Bottom) LyricsЖестокая игра
Нас больше нет (We're No Longer) LyricsStop My Heart
Ожидаю новый день (I Look Forward To A New Da.. LyricsЖестокая игра
Реквием мечтам (Requiem For Dreams) LyricsЖестокая игра
Скорбный бал (Hollow Ball) LyricsЖестокая игра
Слепая страсть (Blind Passion) LyricsЖестокая игра
Яд любви (Poison Love) LyricsЖестокая игра
Dark Princess lyrics Video Album

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