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Song lyrics by Custard. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Custard. Get one of the 58 lyrics and watch the video by artist Custard.

Custard lyrics Video Album
300 LyricsInfested by Anger
A Knight LyricsInfested by Anger
Ambrosia LyricsFor My King
Ancient Views (Intro) LyricsForces Remain
Angel Of Sorrow LyricsForces Remain
Barricades LyricsKingdoms of Your Life
Black Friday LyricsInfested by Anger
By Fire And Sword LyricsInfested by Anger
Call Of Ares LyricsInfested by Anger
Chance LyricsWheels of Time
Charon's Call LyricsFor My King
Creature LyricsForces Remain
Dead Shall Rise LyricsInfested by Anger
Death From Above LyricsInfested by Anger
Deliver Me LyricsFor My King
Denials LyricsKingdoms of Your Life
Endless Pain LyricsInfested by Anger
Enter The World LyricsForces Remain
Escape Reality LyricsWheels of Time
Fade Out LyricsWheels of Time
Fading Memories LyricsKingdoms of Your Life
Failed Mission LyricsKingdoms of Your Life
Final Stand LyricsForces Remain
For My King LyricsFor My King
For The Cross LyricsForces Remain
Forces Remain LyricsForces Remain
Fragments Of Eternity (Intro) LyricsWheels of Time
Freedom For All LyricsFor My King
God Of Storm LyricsForces Remain
Gods Of War LyricsInfested by Anger
Heaven Strikes LyricsForces Remain
Hellheart LyricsInfested by Anger
I Know You LyricsFor My King
Imprisoned LyricsKingdoms of Your Life
Infested By Anger LyricsInfested by Anger
Inner Void LyricsWheels of Time
Kind Of Peace LyricsForces Remain
Kingdoms Of Your Life LyricsKingdoms of Your Life
Lost Forever LyricsWheels of Time
Master Of The Dice LyricsFor My King
My Last Breath LyricsInfested by Anger
One Step Too Far LyricsWheels of Time
Only Dust LyricsInfested by Anger
Poke The Flames LyricsForces Remain
Promised Land LyricsKingdoms of Your Life
Remember The Storm LyricsKingdoms of Your Life
Rise LyricsFor My King
Shine On LyricsWheels of Time
Signs LyricsFor My King
Sunrise LyricsWheels of Time
The Dragonslayer LyricsForces Remain
The Parachute Infantry LyricsInfested by Anger
The Sea LyricsKingdoms of Your Life
Time To Bleed LyricsInfested by Anger
Trees Of Hope LyricsFor My King
Up To The Sky LyricsFor My King
Warcraft LyricsForces Remain
Wheels Of Time LyricsWheels of Time
Custard lyrics Video Album

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