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Song lyrics by Crisix. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Crisix. Get one of the 31 lyrics and watch the video by artist Crisix.

Crisix lyrics Video Album
A.S.F.H. LyricsThe Menace
Army Of Darkness LyricsRise...Then Rest
Bring 'Em To The Pit LyricsRise...Then Rest
Brutal Gadget LyricsThe Menace
Conspiranoia LyricsFrom Blue to Black
Dead By The Fistful Of Violence LyricsThe Menace
Electric Possession LyricsThe Menace
Fallen LyricsFrom Blue to Black
Flesh-Collector Machine LyricsThe Menace
Frieza The Tyrant LyricsRise...Then Rest
From Blue To Black LyricsFrom Blue to Black
G.M.M. (The Great Metal Motherf***er) LyricsFrom Blue to Black
Holy Punishment LyricsThe Menace
I.Y.F.F. LyricsRise...Then Rest
Internal Pollution LyricsThe Menace
Journey Through The Fire LyricsFrom Blue to Black
Mummified By Society LyricsThe Menace
One By One LyricsRise...Then Rest
Psycho Crisix World LyricsFrom Blue to Black
Rise...Then Rest LyricsRise...Then Rest
Scars Of The Wolf LyricsRise...Then Rest
Seven LyricsRise...Then Rest
Spawn LyricsThe Menace
Strange LyricsFrom Blue to Black
T-Terror Era LyricsFrom Blue to Black
The Last Monkey LyricsThe Menace
Those Voices Shall Remain LyricsRise...Then Rest
Ultra Thrash LyricsThe Menace
Unleash The Beast LyricsThe Menace
Volcano Face LyricsRise...Then Rest
Waldi Gang LyricsRise...Then Rest
Crisix lyrics Video Album

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