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Song lyrics by Coronatus. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Coronatus. Get one of the 66 lyrics and watch the video by artist Coronatus.

Coronatus lyrics Video Album
A Dead Man's Tale LyricsTerra Incognita
Am Kreuz LyricsPorta Obscura
Autumn Child (In My Dreams) LyricsCantus Lucidus
Beauty In Black LyricsPorta Obscura
Blind LyricsFabula Magna
Cast My Spell LyricsPorta Obscura
Cathy's Floor LyricsCantus Lucidus
Das Zweite Gesicht LyricsTerra Incognita
Deborah LyricsCantus Lucidus
Der Fluch LyricsFabula Magna
Der Gesandte LyricsRecreatio Carminis
Der Kleriker LyricsTerra Incognita
Der Letzte Freund LyricsTerra Incognita
Der Vierte Reiter LyricsPorta Obscura
Der Letzte Tanz LyricsFabula Magna
Dunkle Blume LyricsLux Noctis
Elisa (Eleven Swans) LyricsRecreatio Carminis
Erhebt Die Wogen! LyricsRecreatio Carminis
Est Carmen LyricsFabula Magna
Exitus LyricsPorta Obscura
Fallen LyricsPorta Obscura
Fernes Land LyricsTerra Incognita
Flying By Alone LyricsFabula Magna
Freundschaft LyricsCantus Lucidus
Geisterkirche LyricsFabula Magna
Hateful Affection LyricsTerra Incognita
Hot Cold LyricsLux Noctis
How Far Will You Go LyricsFabula Magna
Ich Atme Zeit LyricsLux Noctis
Ihr Habt Die Schuld! LyricsCantus Lucidus
In Remembrance LyricsLux Noctis
In Signo Crucis LyricsTerra Incognita
In Silence LyricsPorta Obscura
In Your Hands LyricsPorta Obscura
In Meinem Reich LyricsRecreatio Carminis
Interrotte Speranze LyricsLux Noctis
Josy LyricsFabula Magna
Kristallklares Wasser LyricsFabula Magna
Mein Herz LyricsPorta Obscura
My Rose Desire LyricsLux Noctis
No Holy Wars LyricsCantus Lucidus
Ouvertüre LyricsRecreatio Carminis
Preface LyricsFabula Magna
Prologue LyricsPorta Obscura
Requiem Tabernam LyricsLux Noctis
Saint Slayer LyricsTerra Incognita
Schnee & Rosen LyricsCantus Lucidus
Schwester LyricsRecreatio Carminis
Sie Stehn Am Weg LyricsTerra Incognita
Silberlicht LyricsLux Noctis
So Tanzt! LyricsRecreatio Carminis
Sternenstaub LyricsRecreatio Carminis
Strahlendster Erster LyricsPorta Obscura
Tantalos LyricsFabula Magna
Terra Incognita LyricsTerra Incognita
The Elvenwell (I Can Give You...) LyricsCantus Lucidus
The Monk LyricsRecreatio Carminis
The Scream Of The Butterfly LyricsLux Noctis
Towards Horizon LyricsRecreatio Carminis
Traumzeit LyricsTerra Incognita
Unsterblich LyricsCantus Lucidus
Volles Leben LyricsLux Noctis
Vor Der Schlacht LyricsTerra Incognita
Winter LyricsLux Noctis
Winterrosen LyricsRecreatio Carminis
Wolfstanz LyricsFabula Magna
Coronatus lyrics Video Album

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