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Song lyrics by Colp. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Colp. Get one of the 56 lyrics and watch the video by artist Colp.

Colp lyrics Video Album
...And This Makes Me Pissed Off LyricsParalysis
A Portrait LyricsMasquerade
An Evidence LyricsMasquerade
Another Shot LyricsParalysis
Blood Lines LyricsMasquerade
Blood Lines Maglev Clone (colp Vs. Hallucigen.. LyricsMasquerade
Caine's Lament LyricsFake
Can't Escape LyricsCan't Escape
Case Closed LyricsMasquerade
Closer To The Other Side LyricsParalysis
Cold Steel LyricsCan't Escape
Contract Saviour LyricsFake
Crime & Penalty LyricsMasquerade
Deepest Cold Waterworld LyricsParalysis
Disassembled LyricsPhILosophisED
Embracement Of The Beast LyricsSubmissive
Endlessness LyricsFake
Equation LyricsPhILosophisED
Fade From View LyricsSubmissive
Fake (The Masquerade) LyricsFake
Fatal Blunder LyricsMasquerade
Fear LyricsParalysis
Fight For The Chance LyricsParalysis
Flames Of Rage LyricsSubmissive
F*** The Parents LyricsSubmissive
F***in' For Bread LyricsCan't Escape
Get Out Of My Grave LyricsParalysis
Harsh Light LyricsMasquerade
Heatrage LyricsPhILosophisED
How Many More Times LyricsCan't Escape
Lifism LyricsFake
Lover From Rome LyricsSubmissive
Loyal Seneshal LyricsFake
Lure Of Serpent LyricsSubmissive
Manhunt LyricsMasquerade
Merce To Darkness LyricsSubmissive
Paralysis LyricsParalysis
Pulse LyricsPhILosophisED
Reform Body LyricsSubmissive
Reign Of The Rats LyricsParalysis
Sacrifice/Always The Same LyricsMasquerade
Sanctuary LyricsSubmissive
Sinister Beauty LyricsSubmissive
Submissive LyricsSubmissive
That Cabbage Is Too Sour LyricsParalysis
The Lord Of Dreams LyricsCan't Escape
The Princess LyricsFake
The Sheriff LyricsFake
There Ain't No Better Future LyricsCan't Escape
Thirsty Tune LyricsFake
Trapped LyricsFake
Unmasked LyricsMasquerade
Voices LyricsParalysis
Warlock's Whisper LyricsSubmissive
Warlock's Whisper (Refresh Version LyricsFake
Zodiac Circle LyricsMasquerade
Colp lyrics Video Album

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