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Song lyrics by Colosseum. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Colosseum. Get one of the 18 lyrics and watch the video by artist Colosseum.

Colosseum lyrics Video Album
Aesthetics Of The Grotesque LyricsChapter 1: Delirium
Corridors Of Desolation LyricsChapter 1: Delirium
Delirium LyricsChapter 1: Delirium
Demons Swarm By My Side LyricsChapter 2: Numquam
Dilapidation And Death LyricsChapter 3: Parasomnia
Narcosis LyricsChapter 2: Numquam
Numquam LyricsChapter 2: Numquam
On The Strand Of Nightmares LyricsChapter 3: Parasomnia
Outro LyricsChapter 2: Numquam
Parasomnia LyricsChapter 3: Parasomnia
Passage To Eternity LyricsChapter 3: Parasomnia
Prosperity LyricsChapter 2: Numquam
Questioning Existence LyricsChapter 3: Parasomnia
Saturnine Vastness LyricsChapter 1: Delirium
The Gate Of Adar LyricsChapter 1: Delirium
The River LyricsChapter 2: Numquam
Towards The Infinite LyricsChapter 2: Numquam
Weathered LyricsChapter 1: Delirium
Colosseum lyrics Video Album

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