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Song lyrics by Coldrain. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Coldrain. Get one of the 64 lyrics and watch the video by artist Coldrain.

Coldrain lyrics Video Album
24-7 LyricsFinal Destination
8AM LyricsFinal Destination
A Tragic Instinct LyricsThe Enemy Inside
Adrenaline LyricsThe Enemy Inside
After Dark LyricsNothing Lasts Forever - EP
Aware And Awake LyricsUntil The End - EP
Behind The Curtain LyricsThe Relevation
Born To Bleed LyricsVENA Chapter II
Carry On LyricsThe Relevation
Chasing Dreams LyricsThe Relevation
Confession LyricsThe Enemy Inside
Counterfeits And Lies LyricsFinal Destination
Die Tomorrow LyricsNothing Lasts Forever - EP
Divine LyricsVena
Doors LyricsFinal Destination
Evolve LyricsUntil The End - EP
Fade Away LyricsUntil The End - EP
Falling Forever LyricsThe Relevation
Fiction (Album Version) LyricsFinal Destination
Final Destination LyricsFinal Destination
Fire In The Sky LyricsVena
Given Up On You LyricsThe Relevation
Gone LyricsVena
Gone (Acoustic) LyricsVENA Chapter II
Heart Of The Young LyricsVena
Hollow LyricsThe Enemy Inside
House Of Cards LyricsUntil The End - EP
Inside Of Me LyricsThrough Clarity - EP
Just Tonight LyricsFinal Destination
March On LyricsUntil The End - EP
Miss You LyricsNothing Lasts Forever - EP
My Addiction LyricsFinal Destination
Never Look Away LyricsThrough Clarity - EP
New Fate LyricsThe Enemy Inside
Next To You LyricsThe Relevation
No Escape LyricsThrough Clarity - EP
Painting LyricsFinal Destination
Persona LyricsThrough Clarity - EP
Pretty Little Liar LyricsVena
Rescue Me LyricsThe Enemy Inside
Rise And Fall LyricsThe Enemy Inside
Runaway (feat. Jacoby Shaddix) LyricsVena
Six Feet Under LyricsThrough Clarity - EP
Someday LyricsFinal Destination
Stuck LyricsNothing Lasts Forever - EP
Survive LyricsFinal Destination
The Future LyricsThrough Clarity - EP
The Maze LyricsThe Enemy Inside
The Revelation LyricsThe Relevation
The Story LyricsVena
The Story (Acoustic) LyricsVENA Chapter II
The War Is On LyricsThe Relevation
The Youth LyricsNothing Lasts Forever - EP
Time Bomb LyricsThe Relevation
To Be Alive LyricsThe Enemy Inside
Undertow LyricsVENA Chapter II
Vena LyricsVena
Voiceless LyricsThe Relevation
We're Not Alone LyricsNothing Lasts Forever - EP
Whole LyricsVena
Words Of The Youth LyricsVena
Wrong LyricsVena
You LyricsThe Enemy Inside
You Lie LyricsUntil The End - EP
Coldrain lyrics Video Album

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