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3-D LyricsNext Position Please
Ain't That A Shame LyricsAt Budokan
Al We Need Is A Dream LyricsLap of Luxury
Alive LyricsThe Latest
All Those Years LyricsRockford
All Wound Up LyricsLap of Luxury
Anytime LyricsCheap Trick -1997
Are You Lonely Tonigh LyricsThe Docter
Auf Wiedersehen LyricsHeaven Tonight
Baby Loves To Rock LyricsAll shook up
Baby No More LyricsCheap Trick -1997
Best Friend LyricsSpecial One
Big Eyes LyricsIn Color
Black And Blue LyricsBusted
Borderline LyricsNext Position Please
Busted LyricsBusted
California Man LyricsHeaven Tonight
Can't Hold On LyricsFound all the parts
Can't Stop But I Am Gonna Try LyricsAll shook up
Carnival Game LyricsCheap Trick -1997
Clock Strikes Ten LyricsIn Color
Closer The Ballad Of Burt And Linda LyricsThe Latest
Come On, Come On LyricsIn Color
Cover Girl LyricsStanding on the Edge
Cry Baby LyricsWoke up with Monster
Cry,Cry LyricsCheap Trick
Daddy Should Have Stayed In High School LyricsCheap Trick
Dancing The Night Away LyricsNext Position Please
Day Tripper LyricsFound all the parts
Decaf LyricsRockford
Didn't Know I Had It LyricsWoke up with Monster
Don't Be Cruel LyricsLap of Luxury
Don't Make Our Love A Crime LyricsNext Position Please
Downed LyricsIn Color
Dream Police LyricsDream Police
Dream The Night Away LyricsRockford
Eight Miles Low LyricsCheap Trick -1997
Elo Kiddies LyricsCheap Trick
Every Night And Every Day LyricsRockford
Everybody Knows LyricsThe Latest
Everyday You Make Me Crazy LyricsThe Latest
Everything Works If You Let It Lyrics
Four Letter Word LyricsOne on One
Ghost Town LyricsLap of Luxury
Girlfriends LyricsWoke up with Monster
Give It Away LyricsRockford
Go For The Throat LyricsAll shook up
Gonna Raise Hell LyricsDream Police
Good Girls Go To Heaven LyricsThe Docter
Goodnight LyricsAt Budokan
Had To Make You Mine LyricsBusted
Hard To Tell LyricsCheap Trick -1997
He's A Whore LyricsCheap Trick
Heart On The Line LyricsBang, Zoom, Crazy... Hello
Heaven Tonight LyricsHeaven Tonight
Heaven's Falling LyricsNext Position Please
Hello There LyricsIn Color
High Priest Of Rhythmic Noise LyricsAll shook up
High Roller LyricsHeaven Tonight
Hot Love LyricsCheap Trick
How About You LyricsStanding on the Edge
How Are You? LyricsHeaven Tonight
Hummer LyricsSpecial One
I Must Be Dreamin'I Must Be Dreamin' LyricsHeavy metal (Soundtrack)
I Can't Take It LyricsNext Position Please
I Can't Understand It LyricsBusted
I Don't Love Here Anymore LyricsNext Position Please
I Know What I Want LyricsDream Police
I Love You Honey But I Hate Your Friends LyricsAll shook up
I Want Be Man LyricsOne on One
I Want You To Want Me LyricsIn Color
I'll Be With You Tonigh LyricsDream Police
If I Could LyricsSpecial One
If It Takes A Lifetime LyricsRockford
If You Need Me LyricsBusted
If You Want My Love LyricsOne on One
Invaders Of The Heart LyricsNext Position Please
It All Comes Back To You LyricsCheap Trick -1997
It's Only Love LyricsThe Docter
It's Up To You LyricsThe Docter
Just Got Back LyricsAll shook up
Kiss Me Red LyricsThe Docter
Let Go LyricsLap of Luxury
Let Her Go LyricsWoke up with Monster
Little Sister LyricsStanding on the Edge
Look Out LyricsAt Budokan
Looking Out For Number One LyricsOne on One
Love Comes LyricsStanding on the Edge
Love Comes A-tumblin' Down LyricsAll shook up
Love Me For A Minute LyricsWoke up with Monster
Love's Got A Hold On Me LyricsOne on One
Lovin' Money Lyrics
Magical Mystery Tour Lyrics
Man-U-lip-U-lator LyricsThe Docter
Mandocello LyricsCheap Trick
Mighty Wings Lyrics
Miracle LyricsThe Latest
Miss Tomorrow LyricsThe Latest
My Gang LyricsWoke up with Monster
My Obsession LyricsSpecial One
Name Of The Game LyricsThe Docter
Need Your Love LyricsDream Police
Never Had A Lot To Lose LyricsLap of Luxury
Never Run Out Of Love LyricsWoke up with Monster
Next Position Please LyricsNext Position Please
No Direction Home LyricsBang, Zoom, Crazy... Hello
No Mercy LyricsLap of Luxury
Oh Candy LyricsCheap Trick
Oh Caroline LyricsIn Color
On More LyricsRockford
On The Radio LyricsHeaven Tonight
On The Top Of The World LyricsHeaven Tonight
One On One LyricsOne on One
Oo La La La LyricsOne on One
Perfect Stranger LyricsRockford
Pop Drone LyricsSpecial One
Reach Out LyricsHeavy metal (Soundtrack)
Rearview Mirror Romance LyricsThe Docter
Ride The Pony LyricsWoke up with Monster
Rock All Night LyricsStanding on the Edge
Roll Me LyricsBang, Zoom, Crazy... Hello
Saturday At Midnight LyricsOne on One
Say Goodbye LyricsCheap Trick -1997
Scent Of A Woman LyricsSpecial One
She 's Got Motion LyricsStanding on the Edge
She's Tight LyricsOne on One
Shelter LyricsCheap Trick -1997
Sick Man Of Europe LyricsThe Latest
Sing My Blues Away LyricsBang, Zoom, Crazy... Hello
Sleep Forever LyricsThe Latest
Smile LyricsThe Latest
So Good To See You LyricsIn Color
Sorry Boy LyricsSpecial One
Southern Girls LyricsIn Color
Space LyricsLap of Luxury
Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace LyricsCheap Trick
Special One LyricsSpecial One
Standing On The Edge LyricsStanding on the Edge
Stiff Competition LyricsHeaven Tonight
Stop This Game LyricsAll shook up
Surrender LyricsHeaven Tonight
Take Me I'm Yours LyricsFound all the parts
Take Me To The Top LyricsThe Docter
Takin' Me Back LyricsHeaven Tonight
Taxman, Mr. Thief LyricsCheap Trick
Tell Me Everything LyricsWoke up with Monster
That '70s Song LyricsSilver (kompilace)
The Ballad Of T.V. Violence (I'm Not The Only.. LyricsCheap Trick
The Doctor LyricsThe Docter
The Flame LyricsLap of Luxury
The House Is Rocking LyricsDream Police
These Days LyricsThe Latest
This Time Around LyricsStanding on the Edge
Time Is Running LyricsOne on One
Times Of Our Lives LyricsThe Latest
Tonigh It's You LyricsStanding on the Edge
Too Much LyricsSpecial One
Voices LyricsDream Police
Walk Away LyricsBusted
Way Of The World LyricsDream Police
Welcome To The World LyricsRockford
When I Wake Up Tomorrow LyricsBang, Zoom, Crazy... Hello
When The Lights Are Out LyricsThe Latest
When You Need Someone LyricsBusted
Wherever Would I Be LyricsBusted
Who D'King LyricsAll shook up
Wild Thing Lyrics
Wild Wild Women LyricsStanding on the Edge
Woke Up With A Monster LyricsWoke up with Monster
Won't Take No For An A LyricsNext Position Please
Words LyricsSpecial One
World's Greatest Lover LyricsAll shook up
Writing On The Wall LyricsDream Police
Wrong All Along LyricsCheap Trick -1997
Wrong Side Of Love LyricsLap of Luxury
Y.o.y.o.y. LyricsNext Position Please
Yeah Yeah LyricsCheap Trick -1997
You Drive, I'll Steer LyricsBusted
You Let A Lotta People Down LyricsCheap Trick -1997
You Say Jump LyricsNext Position Please
You Talk Too Much LyricsNext Position Please
You're All I Wanna Do LyricsWoke up with Monster
You're All Talk LyricsIn Color
Younger Girls LyricsNext Position Please
Cheap Trick lyrics Video Album

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