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Song lyrics by Charon. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Charon. Get one of the 53 lyrics and watch the video by artist Charon.

Charon lyrics Video Album
4 Seasons Rush LyricsTearstained
Air LyricsSongs For The Sinners
All I Care Is Dying LyricsDownhearted
As We Die LyricsTearstained
At The End Of Our Day LyricsDownhearted
Bitter Joy LyricsDownhearted
Breeze LyricsSorrowburn
Bullet LyricsSongs For The Sinners
Burndown LyricsSorrowburn
Christina Bleeds LyricsTearstained
Colder LyricsSongs For The Sinners
Come Tonight LyricsDownhearted
Craving LyricsDownhearted
Death Can Dance LyricsThe Dying Daylights
Deep Water LyricsSongs For The Sinners
Deepest Scar LyricsTearstained
Desire You LyricsDownhearted
Drive LyricsThe Dying Daylights
Erase Me LyricsDownhearted
Every Failure LyricsThe Dying Daylights
Failed LyricsThe Dying Daylights
Fall LyricsDownhearted
Grey LyricsSongs For The Sinners
Guilt On Skin LyricsThe Dying Daylights
Holy LyricsTearstained
House Of The Silent LyricsSongs For The Sinners
If LyricsThe Dying Daylights
In Brief War LyricsThe Dying Daylights
In Trust Of No One LyricsThe Dying Daylights
Kheimos LyricsSorrowburn
Little Angel LyricsDownhearted
Morrow LyricsSorrowburn
Neverbirth LyricsSorrowburn
Nightwing LyricsSorrowburn
No Saint LyricsThe Dying Daylights
Novembers Eve LyricsSorrowburn
Rain LyricsSongs For The Sinners
Religious Delicious LyricsThe Dying Daylights
Ride On Tears LyricsSongs For The Sinners
Rust LyricsSongs For The Sinners
Serenity LyricsSorrowburn
She Hates LyricsSongs For The Sinners
Sin LyricsTearstained
Sister Misery LyricsDownhearted
Sorrowbringer LyricsTearstained
Sorrowsong LyricsDownhearted
The Drift LyricsTearstained
The Stone LyricsTearstained
To Serve You LyricsSorrowburn
Unbreak Unchain LyricsThe Dying Daylights
Wortex LyricsSorrowburn
Worthless LyricsTearstained
Your Christ LyricsTearstained
Charon lyrics Video Album

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