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Song lyrics by Celtic Legacy. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Celtic Legacy. Get one of the 28 lyrics and watch the video by artist Celtic Legacy.

Celtic Legacy lyrics Video Album
Absent Friends LyricsGuardian of Eternity
Afterworld LyricsGuardian of Eternity
Always The Hero LyricsResurrection
Catch The Wind LyricsCeltic Legacy
Celtic Legacy LyricsCeltic Legacy
Children Of The Sky LyricsResurrection
Dance On Yer Grave LyricsGuardian of Eternity
Emania - Shadows Of Moonlight LyricsResurrection
Erinmor LyricsGuardian of Eternity
For Evermore LyricsGuardian of Eternity
Forgive Me LyricsGuardian of Eternity
From The Plains LyricsCeltic Legacy
Glen Corr - The Spirit Of The Vagabond LyricsCeltic Legacy
Guardian Angel LyricsResurrection
Guardian Of Eternity LyricsGuardian of Eternity
King Of Thieves LyricsGuardian of Eternity
Live By The Sword LyricsResurrection
Lost Soul LyricsCeltic Legacy
Rainman LyricsCeltic Legacy
Resurrection LyricsResurrection
Shine LyricsCeltic Legacy
Sloidephuch Doin LyricsResurrection
The Fallen LyricsResurrection
The Sentinel/Celtica LyricsGuardian of Eternity
Timeless LyricsResurrection
Wandering Free LyricsCeltic Legacy
Waterfront LyricsCeltic Legacy
When A Stranger Comes LyricsResurrection
Celtic Legacy lyrics Video Album

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