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Song lyrics by Cauldron. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Cauldron. Get one of the 29 lyrics and watch the video by artist Cauldron.

Cauldron lyrics Video Album
All Or Nothing LyricsBurning Fortune
Born To Struggle LyricsTomorrow's Lost
Bound To The Stake LyricsChained to the Nite
Breaking Through LyricsBurning Fortune
Burning Fortune LyricsTomorrow's Lost
Chained Up In Chains LyricsChained to the Nite
Chains Around Heaven (Black 'N Blue Cover) LyricsChained to the Nite
Conjure The Mass LyricsChained to the Nite
Dreams Die Young LyricsChained to the Nite
End Of Time LyricsTomorrow's Lost
Endless Ways LyricsTomorrow's Lost
Fight For Day LyricsTomorrow's Lost
Frozen In Fire LyricsBurning Fortune
I Confess (Halloween Cover) LyricsBurning Fortune
Midnite Hour LyricsChained to the Nite
Miss You To Death LyricsBurning Fortune
Moonlight Desires (Gowan Cover) LyricsMoonlight Desires
Nitebreaker LyricsTomorrow's Lost
Queen Of Fire LyricsBurning Fortune
Rapid City / Unchained Assault LyricsBurning Fortune
Relentless Temptress LyricsTomorrow's Lost
Sacrifice (Bathory Cover) LyricsMoonlight Desires
Summoned To Succumb LyricsTomorrow's Lost
Taken By Desire LyricsBurning Fortune
Tears Have Come LyricsBurning Fortune
The Leaven / Fermenting Enchantress LyricsChained to the Nite
Tomorrow's Lost LyricsTomorrow's Lost
Witch Trail LyricsChained to the Nite
Young And Hungry LyricsChained to the Nite
Cauldron lyrics Video Album

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