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Song lyrics by Catamenia. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Catamenia. Get one of the 88 lyrics and watch the video by artist Catamenia.

Catamenia lyrics Video Album
...And Winter Descends LyricsMorning Crimson
A Callous Mind LyricsCavalcade
Alive... Cold... Dead! LyricsVIII - The Time Unchained
Astral Tears LyricsEskhata
Aurora Borealis LyricsMorning Crimson
Awake In Dark LyricsHalls Of Frozen North
Beauty Embraced By The Night LyricsMorning Crimson
Beyond The Starlight LyricsEskhata
Blackmension LyricsEternal Winter's Prophecy
Blood Trails LyricsCavalcade
Calm Before The Storm LyricsChaosBorn
Cast The Stars Beyond LyricsMorning Crimson
Cavalcade LyricsCavalcade
Child Of Sunset LyricsHalls Of Frozen North
Closed Gates Of Hope LyricsLocation: COLD
Coexistence Circle LyricsEskhata
Coldbound LyricsLocation: COLD
Dawn Of The Chosen World LyricsEternal Winter's Prophecy
Dominion LyricsVIII - The Time Unchained
Dreams Of Winterland LyricsHalls Of Frozen North
Embody And Behold LyricsVIII - The Time Unchained
Eskhata LyricsEskhata
Eternal Winter's Prophecy LyricsEternal Winter's Prophecy
Expect No Mercy LyricsLocation: COLD
Fallen LyricsVIII - The Time Unchained
Flames LyricsEskhata
Forest Enthroned LyricsHalls Of Frozen North
Forever Night LyricsEternal Winter's Prophecy
Gallery Of Fear LyricsLocation: COLD
Garden Of Thorns LyricsVIII - The Time Unchained
Gates Of Anubis LyricsEternal Winter's Prophecy
Half Moons, Half Centuries LyricsEternal Winter's Prophecy
Halls Of Frozen North LyricsHalls Of Frozen North
Hollow Out - ChaosBorn LyricsChaosBorn
Iced Over LyricsWinternight Tragedies
In Blood They Lay LyricsMorning Crimson
In The Capricorn's Cradle LyricsEternal Winter's Prophecy
In The Void LyricsEternal Winter's Prophecy
Into Infernal LyricsHalls Of Frozen North
Kaamos Warrior LyricsWinternight Tragedies
Kingdom Of Legions LyricsEternal Winter's Prophecy
Kuolon Tanssi LyricsChaosBorn
Land Of The Autumn Winds LyricsHalls Of Frozen North
Landscape LyricsEskhata
Location: COLD LyricsLocation: COLD
Lost In Bitterness LyricsChaosBorn
Mirrorized Thoughts LyricsChaosBorn
Morning Crimson LyricsMorning Crimson
My Blood Stained Path LyricsWinternight Tragedies
One With Sorrow LyricsChaosBorn
Passing Moment Of Twilight Time LyricsMorning Crimson
Perintö Pohjolan LyricsWinternight Tragedies
Pimeä Yö LyricsHalls Of Frozen North
Post Mortem LyricsCavalcade
Quantity Of Sadness LyricsCavalcade
Rain Of Blood LyricsEskhata
Reincarnation LyricsCavalcade
Road Of Bones LyricsVIII - The Time Unchained
Shadeweaver's Season LyricsMorning Crimson
Silence LyricsCavalcade
Soror Mystica LyricsEternal Winter's Prophecy
Storm LyricsEskhata
Strength And Honor LyricsWinternight Tragedies
Talviyön Varjot LyricsMorning Crimson
The Ancient LyricsWinternight Tragedies
The Crystal Stream LyricsWinternight Tragedies
The Darkening Sun LyricsEternal Winter's Prophecy
The Day When The Sun Faded Away LyricsLocation: COLD
The Fallen Angel Pt.I (Astaroth & Astarte) LyricsChaosBorn
The Fallen Angel Pt.II (The Rising) LyricsChaosBorn
The Fear's Shadow LyricsChaosBorn
The Forests Of Tomorrow LyricsMorning Crimson
The Heart Of Darkness LyricsWinternight Tragedies
The Last Day Before... LyricsVIII - The Time Unchained
The Path That Lies Behind Me LyricsCavalcade
The Time Unchained LyricsVIII - The Time Unchained
The Vultures Feast LyricsCavalcade
Time In My Hands LyricsEskhata
Towards The Winds Of Winter (Shores Of Sendar.. LyricsMorning Crimson
Tribe Of Eternity LyricsLocation: COLD
Tuhat Vuotta LyricsLocation: COLD
Tuhon Oma LyricsVIII - The Time Unchained
Uhrimalja LyricsVIII - The Time Unchained
Verikansa LyricsWinternight Tragedies
Vortex LyricsEskhata
When The Frost Took The Lakes LyricsMorning Crimson
Winternacht LyricsMorning Crimson
Zero Gravity LyricsLocation: COLD
Catamenia lyrics Video Album

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