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Song lyrics by C.N. Blue. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like C.N. Blue. Get one of the 89 lyrics and watch the video by artist C.N. Blue.

C.N. Blue lyrics Video Album
A Song For First -Time Lovers LyricsHeartstrings OST
A.ri.ga.tou LyricsThank U
Because I Miss You LyricsHeartstrings OST
Black Flower LyricsBluelove
Blind Love LyricsWhat Turns You On?
Blue Sky LyricsCode Name Blue
Can’t Stop LyricsCan’t Stop
Change LyricsWhat Turns You On?
Children’s Song LyricsCan’t Stop
Cinderella Lyrics2Gether
Coffee Shop LyricsRe:BLUE
Cold Love LyricsCan’t Stop
Come On LyricsCode Name Blue
Coward Lyrics392
Crying Out LyricsWhat Turns You On?
Diamond Girl LyricsCan’t Stop
Domino (Feat. Hweein (Mamamoo)) Lyrics2Gether
Don't Say Goodbye Lyrics392
Don`t Care LyricsWhat Turns You On?
Dream Boy LyricsEar fun
Eclipse Lyrics392
Feel Good Lyrics
Feeling LyricsWhere you are
Get Away LyricsCode Name Blue
Greedy Man LyricsWhat Turns You On?
Have A Good Night LyricsCode Name Blue
Hero Lyrics2Gether
Hey You LyricsEar fun
Hide And Seek Lyrics2Gether
Hight Fly LyricsHight fly (OST)
I Can`t Believe LyricsWhat Turns You On?
I Don't Know Why Lyrics392
I'll Forget You LyricsBluetory
Illusion Lyrics392
Im A Loner LyricsBluetory
Imagine LyricsFirst step
In My Head LyricsCode Name Blue
Intuition LyricsFirst step
I’m Sorry LyricsRe:BLUE
Just Please LyricsFirst step
Kimio Lyrics392
Lady LyricsWhat Turns You On?
Let Me Know LyricsWhat Turns You On?
Let's Go Crazy LyricsBluelove
Lie Lyrics392
Love LyricsBluelove
Love Follows The Rain LyricsFirst step
Love Girl LyricsThank You
Love Is… LyricsCan’t Stop
Love Light LyricsBluelove
Love Revolution LyricsThank U
Man In Front Of The Mirror Lyrics392
Mr. KIA (Know It All) LyricsCode Name Blue
Never Too Late LyricsThank U
No More LyricsCode Name Blue
Now Or Never LyricsThank U
Okay LyricsThank You
One More Time LyricsWhat Turns You On?
One Of A Kind LyricsFirst step
One Time Lyrics392
Ready N Go Lyrics392
Robot LyricsWhat Turns You On?
Rock N Roll LyricsEar fun
Roller Coaster Lyrics2Gether
Run LyricsEar fun
Ryu Can Do It LyricsRyu Can Do It
See My Eyes LyricsHeartstrings OST
Sleepless Night LyricsCan’t Stop
Star LyricsHeartstrings OST
Starlit Night LyricsWhat Turns You On?
Sung Joon Lyrics
Sweet Holiday LyricsBluelove
Tattoo LyricsBluelove
Teardrops In The Rain LyricsThank U
Thank You LyricsFirst step
These Days LyricsCode Name Blue
Time Is Over LyricsCode Name Blue
Try Again, Smile Again Lyrics392
Voice LyricsThank U
Wake Up LyricsCode Name Blue
Wanna Be Like U LyricsFirst step
Where You Are (English Ver.) LyricsCode Name Blue
With Me LyricsCode Name Blue
Y, Why... LyricsThank U
You Are A Miracle - SBS Gayo Daejun `Friendsh.. Lyrics
나 그대보다 (More Than You) LyricsRe:BLUE
나란 남자 (Man Like Me) LyricsRe:BLUE
라라라 (lalala) LyricsRe:BLUE
아직 사랑한다 (Still In Love) LyricsEar fun
C.N. Blue lyrics Video Album

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