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Song lyrics by Burning Point. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Burning Point. Get one of the 69 lyrics and watch the video by artist Burning Point.

Burning Point lyrics Video Album
Against The Madness Of Time LyricsBurned Down the Enemy
All The Madness LyricsBurning Point
Black Star LyricsSalvation by Fire
Blackened The Sun LyricsBurning Point
Blinded By The Darkness LyricsEmpyre
Burned Down The Enemy LyricsBurned Down the Enemy
Chaos Rising LyricsThe Blaze
Cruel World LyricsEmpyre
Dark Winged Angel LyricsThe Blaze
Dawn Of The Ancient War LyricsBurning Point
Deceiver LyricsBurned Down the Enemy
Demon Inside Of You LyricsThe Ignitor
Empyre LyricsEmpyre
Eternal Flame (Salvation By Fire Part II) LyricsThe Ignitor
Everdream LyricsThe Ignitor
Eye For An Eye LyricsBurned Down the Enemy
Face The Truth LyricsEmpyre
Fall Of Thy Kingdom LyricsSalvation by Fire
Feeding The Flames LyricsFeeding the Flames
Find Your Soul LyricsBurning Point
Fool's Parade LyricsEmpyre
From The Beginning Of It All LyricsBurned Down the Enemy
Heart Of Gold LyricsBurning Point
Heaven Is Hell LyricsThe Ignitor
Hell Awaits LyricsBurned Down the Enemy
Higher LyricsSalvation by Fire
Holier Than Thou LyricsThe Ignitor
I Am The Silent One LyricsFeeding the Flames
I've Had Enough (Into The Fire) (KISS Cover) LyricsBurning Point
Icebound LyricsBurned Down the Enemy
In The Fires Of My Self-Made Hell LyricsThe Ignitor
In The Night LyricsThe Ignitor
In The Shadows LyricsBurning Point
Incarnation LyricsThe Blaze
Into The Fire LyricsBurning Point
Intro / "The Godfather" Theme LyricsEmpyre
Lake Of Fire LyricsSalvation by Fire
Losing Sleep LyricsThe Ignitor
Lost In Your Thoughts LyricsThe Blaze
Lost Tribe LyricsThe Ignitor
Manic Merry-Go-Round LyricsEmpyre
Master Them All LyricsThe Blaze
Metal Queen LyricsThe Blaze
My Darkest Times LyricsBurning Point
My Spirit LyricsThe Blaze
Night Games LyricsFeeding the Flames
Only The Wrong Will Survive LyricsEmpyre
Parasite LyricsBurned Down the Enemy
Queen Of Fire LyricsBurning Point
Quicker Than The Eye LyricsFeeding the Flames
Resurrection Machine LyricsFeeding the Flames
Sacrifice LyricsEmpyre
Salvation By Fire LyricsSalvation by Fire
Signs Of Danger LyricsBurning Point
Silent Scream LyricsThe Ignitor
Stealer Of Light LyricsSalvation by Fire
Stray Bullet LyricsFeeding the Flames
The Ignitor LyricsThe Ignitor
The King Is Dead, Long Live The King LyricsThe Blaze
The Lie LyricsThe Blaze
The One LyricsSalvation by Fire
Things That Drag Me Down LyricsThe Blaze
Time Has Come LyricsThe Blaze
To Hell And Back LyricsBurned Down the Enemy
Under The Dying Sun LyricsSalvation by Fire
Veil Of Secrecy LyricsFeeding the Flames
Voice From The Past LyricsFeeding the Flames
Walls Of Stone LyricsEmpyre
Was It Me LyricsEmpyre
Burning Point lyrics Video Album

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