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Song lyrics by Bullet. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Bullet. Get one of the 42 lyrics and watch the video by artist Bullet.

Bullet lyrics Video Album
All Fired Up LyricsFull pull
Back On The Road LyricsHighway pirates
Bang Your Head LyricsHeading for the top
Bite The Bullet LyricsBite the bullet
Blood Run Hot LyricsHighway pirates
City Of Sins + Waste My Time LyricsBite the bullet
Down And Out LyricsHighway pirates
Dusk Til Down LyricsBite the bullet
Fire A Dynamite LyricsHighway pirates
Free Riding LyricsFull pull
Full Pull LyricsFull pull
Get On [Bonus Track] LyricsFull pull
Gutterview LyricsFull pull
Hard Luck Lady LyricsHeading for the top
Heading For The Top LyricsHeading for the top
Heavy Metal Dynamite LyricsHighway pirates
High On The Hog LyricsFull pull
Highway Pirates LyricsHighway pirates
In The Heat LyricsFull pull
Into The Night LyricsHighway pirates
Knuckleduster LyricsHighway pirates
Leather Love LyricsHeading for the top
Midnight Oil LyricsFull pull
Midnight Riders LyricsHeading for the top
Nailed To The Ground LyricsBite the bullet
One Deal With The Devil LyricsHeading for the top
Pay The Price LyricsBite the bullet
Raise Hell LyricsHeading for the top
Rambling Man LyricsHeading for the top
Road King LyricsBite the bullet
Rock Steady LyricsHeading for the top
Rock N' Roll Remendy LyricsBite the bullet
Rock Us Tonight LyricsBite the bullet
Rolling Home LyricsFull pull
Running Away LyricsFull pull
Rush Hour LyricsFull pull
Speeding In The Night LyricsHeading for the top
Stay Wild LyricsHighway pirates
The Rebels Return LyricsBite the bullet
Turn It Up Loud LyricsHeading for the top
Warriors LyricsFull pull
Wheels Keep On Turning LyricsBite the bullet
Bullet lyrics Video Album

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