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Song lyrics by Blur. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Blur. Get one of the 136 lyrics and watch the video by artist Blur.

Blur lyrics Video Album
1992 Lyrics13
Advert LyricsMidlife: A Beginner's Guide to Blur
Ambulance LyricsThink Tank
B.L.U.R.E.M.I Lyrics13
Bad Day LyricsLeisure Japanese Release
Badgeman Brown LyricsThe Special Collectors Edition
Badhead LyricsMidlife: A Beginner's Guide to Blur
Bang LyricsSingly
Bank Holiday LyricsThe Special Collectors Edition
Battery In Your Leg LyricsMidlife: A Beginner's Guide to Blur
Battle Lyrics13
Beetlebum LyricsSingly
Beetlebum (Moby's Mix) LyricsBustin' + Dronin'
Best Days LyricsThe Great Escape
Birthday LyricsLeisure Japanese Release
Blue Jeans LyricsMidlife: A Beginner's Guide to Blur
Brothers And Sisters LyricsThink Tank
Bugman LyricsMidlife: A Beginner's Guide to Blur
Caramel Lyrics13
Caravan LyricsThink Tank
Charmless Man LyricsSingly
Chemical World LyricsSingly
Chinese Bombs LyricsBlur
Clover Over Dover LyricsParklife
Coffee & TV LyricsSingly
Colin Zeal LyricsModern Life Is Rubbish
Come Together LyricsLeisure Japanese Release
Coping LyricsModern Life Is Rubbish
Country House LyricsSingly
Country Sad Ballad Man LyricsBlur
Crazy Beat LyricsSingly
Dan Abnormal LyricsThe Great Escape
Day Upon Day LyricsThe Special Collectors Edition
Death Of A Party LyricsBlur
Death Of A Party (Billy Whiskers Mix) LyricsBustin' + Dronin'
Death Of A Party (Well Blurred Remix) LyricsBustin' + Dronin'
Death Of A Party [7" Remix] (from Blur) LyricsMidlife: A Beginner's Guide to Blur
Don't Bomb When You're The Bomb LyricsSingly
End Of The Century LyricsSingly
Entertain Me LyricsThe Great Escape
Ernold Same LyricsThe Great Escape
Es Schmecht LyricsThe Special Collectors Edition
Essex Dogs LyricsBlur
Fade Away LyricsThe Great Escape
Far Out LyricsParklife
Fool LyricsLeisure Japanese Release
Fool's Day LyricsSingly
For Tomorrow LyricsSingly
Fried (featuring Seymour) LyricsThe Special Collectors Edition
Gene By Gene LyricsThink Tank
Ghost Ship LyricsThe Magic Whip
Girls & Boys LyricsSingly
Globe Alone LyricsThe Great Escape
Go Out LyricsThe Magic Whip
Good Song LyricsSingly
Got Yer! LyricsThe Special Collectors Edition
Hanging Over LyricsThe Special Collectors Edition
He Thought Of Cars LyricsMidlife: A Beginner's Guide to Blur
High Cool LyricsLeisure Japanese Release
I Broadcast LyricsThe Magic Whip
I Know LyricsLeisure Japanese Release
I'm Just A Killer For Your Love LyricsBlur
Ice Cream Man LyricsThe Magic Whip
Inertia LyricsThe Special Collectors Edition
It Could Be You LyricsThe Great Escape
Jets LyricsThink Tank
Jubilee LyricsParklife
London Loves LyricsParklife
Lonesome Street LyricsThe Magic Whip
Look Inside America LyricsBlur
Lot LyricsParklife
Luminous LyricsThe Special Collectors Edition
M.O.R LyricsSingly
Mace LyricsThe Special Collectors Edition
Maggie May LyricsThe Special Collectors Edition
Magic America LyricsParklife
Mellow Song Lyrics13
Mirrorball LyricsThe Magic Whip
Miss America LyricsModern Life Is Rubbish
Moroccan Peoples Revolutionary Bowls Club LyricsThink Tank
Movin' On LyricsBlur
Movin' On (William Orbit Mix) LyricsBustin' + Dronin'
Mr. Briggs LyricsLeisure Japanese Release
Mr. Robinson's Quango LyricsThe Great Escape
Music Is My Radar LyricsSingly
My Terracotta Heart LyricsThe Magic Whip
New World Towers LyricsThe Magic Whip
No Distance Left To Run LyricsSingly
Oily Water LyricsModern Life Is Rubbish
Olympic Closing Ceremony Celebration Concert Lyrics
On The Way To The Club LyricsThink Tank
On Your Own LyricsSingly
On Your Own (Crouch End Broadway Mix) LyricsBustin' + Dronin'
Ong Ong LyricsThe Magic Whip
Out Of Time LyricsSingly
Parklife LyricsSingly
Peach LyricsThe Special Collectors Edition
Popscene LyricsSingly
Pressure On Julian LyricsModern Life Is Rubbish
Pyongyang LyricsThe Magic Whip
Repetiton LyricsLeisure Japanese Release
Resigned LyricsModern Life Is Rubbish
She's So High LyricsSingly
Sing LyricsMidlife: A Beginner's Guide to Blur
Slow Down LyricsLeisure Japanese Release
Song 2 LyricsSingly
Star Shaped LyricsModern Life Is Rubbish
Stereotypes LyricsSingly
Strange News From Another Star LyricsMidlife: A Beginner's Guide to Blur
Sunday Sunday LyricsSingly
Swamp Song Lyrics13
Sweet Song LyricsThink Tank
Tender LyricsSingly
The Puritan LyricsSingly
The Universal LyricsSingly
Theme From An Imaginary Film LyricsThe Special Collectors Edition
There Are Too Many Of Us LyricsThe Magic Whip
There's No Other Way LyricsSingly
This Is A Low LyricsMidlife: A Beginner's Guide to Blur
Though I Was A Spaceman LyricsThe Magic Whip
Threadneedle Street LyricsThe Special Collectors Edition
To The End LyricsSingly
Top Man LyricsThe Great Escape
Tracy Jacks LyricsParklife
Trailerpark Lyrics13
Trimm Trabb LyricsMidlife: A Beginner's Guide to Blur
Trouble In The Message Centre LyricsParklife
Turn It Up LyricsModern Life Is Rubbish
Under The Westway LyricsSingly
Villa Rosie LyricsModern Life Is Rubbish
Waterloo Sunset (& Ray Davies) LyricsCover
We've Got A File On You LyricsThink Tank
Wear Me Down LyricsLeisure Japanese Release
When The Cows Come Home LyricsThe Special Collectors Edition
Youre So Great LyricsBlur
Yuko And Hiro LyricsThe Great Escape
Blur lyrics Video Album

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