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Song lyrics by Blodsrit. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Blodsrit. Get one of the 34 lyrics and watch the video by artist Blodsrit.

Blodsrit lyrics Video Album
As Darkness Prevail LyricsSupreme Misanthropy
Crossing Spheres Of Fire LyricsSupreme Misanthropy
Deciple Of Thy Darkened Ways LyricsSupreme Misanthropy
Dying Breed LyricsOcularis Infernum
Griftevisa LyricsHelveteshymner
Hinterland LyricsHinterland
Horns LyricsHelveteshymner
I Spår Av Jesu Blod LyricsSupreme Misanthropy
I Väntan På Död LyricsSupreme Misanthropy
I Sorg, För Syndens Saknad LyricsOcularis Infernum
Illdjarn LyricsHelveteshymner
In Dark Silence I Die LyricsOcularis Infernum
In Melancholy... LyricsHelveteshymner
Infernal Reign LyricsOcularis Infernum
Intro - Illusion LyricsHinterland
Likbål LyricsSupreme Misanthropy
Ocularis Infernum / Tragedies To Come LyricsOcularis Infernum
Outro - Disillusion LyricsHinterland
Praise Suicide LyricsHelveteshymner
Rasa LyricsHinterland
Revolutionary Warfare LyricsHinterland
Ridding A Pest LyricsHelveteshymner
Rulers Of The Desolate Lands LyricsOcularis Infernum
Secrets Unveiled LyricsOcularis Infernum
Serving The Harlot LyricsHinterland
Själslig Självdöd LyricsHelveteshymner
Skymningsdyster LyricsHinterland
Solitude (Candlemass Cover) LyricsHelveteshymner
Sverige LyricsHinterland
The Embrace Of A Shadow LyricsSupreme Misanthropy
The Glorious Rise Of The Flames LyricsOcularis Infernum
The Rape Of Vestal Purity LyricsOcularis Infernum
Vanmakt LyricsHelveteshymner
Vid Livets Slut LyricsSupreme Misanthropy
Blodsrit lyrics Video Album

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