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Song lyrics by Bloc Party. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Bloc Party. Get one of the 70 lyrics and watch the video by artist Bloc Party.

Bloc Party lyrics Video Album
3x3 LyricsFour
Ares LyricsIntimacy
Banquet LyricsBloc Party
Banquet (Phones Disco Edit) LyricsBloc Party
Banquet (The Streets Mix) LyricsTwo More Years
Better Than Heaven LyricsIntimacy
Biko LyricsIntimacy
Blue Light LyricsSilent Alarm
Coliseum LyricsFour
Compliments LyricsSilent Alarm
Day Four LyricsFour
Flux (Bonus Track) LyricsIntimacy
French Exit LyricsThe Nextwave Sessions
Halo LyricsIntimacy
Helicopter LyricsLittle Thoughts
Hero LyricsTwo More Years
Hunting For Witches LyricsWeekend In The City
I Still Remember LyricsWeekend In The City
Ion Square LyricsIntimacy
Kettling LyricsFour
Kreuzberg LyricsWeekend In The City
Leaf Skeleton LyricsFour
Letter To My Son (Bonus Track) LyricsIntimacy
Like Eating Glass LyricsSilent Alarm
Little Troughts LyricsLittle Thoughts
Luno LyricsSilent Alarm
Mean LyricsFour
Mercury LyricsIntimacy
Montreal LyricsThe Nextwave Sessions
Obscene LyricsThe Nextwave Sessions
Octopus LyricsFour
On LyricsWeekend In The City
One Month Off LyricsIntimacy
Pioneers LyricsSilent Alarm
Plans LyricsSilent Alarm
Positive Tension LyricsSilent Alarm
Price Of Gas LyricsSilent Alarm
Ratchet LyricsThe Nextwave Sessions
Real Talk LyricsFour
SRXT LyricsWeekend In The City
She's Hearing Voices LyricsBloc Party
Signs LyricsIntimacy
Skeleton LyricsLittle Thoughts
So He Begins To Lie LyricsFour
So Here We Are LyricsSilent Alarm
Song For Clay (Disappear Here) LyricsWeekend In The City
Staying Fat LyricsBloc Party
Storm And Stress LyricsLittle Thoughts
Sunday LyricsWeekend In The City
Talons LyricsIntimacy
Team A LyricsFour
The Answer LyricsBloc Party
The Healing LyricsFour
The Marshals Are Dead LyricsBloc Party
The Prayer LyricsWeekend In The City
This Modern Love LyricsSilent Alarm
Trojan Horse LyricsIntimacy
Truth LyricsFour
Tulips LyricsLittle Thoughts
Tulips (Minotaur Shock Remix) LyricsLittle Thoughts
Two More Years LyricsTwo More Years
Two More Years (Edit) LyricsTwo More Years
Uniform LyricsWeekend In The City
V.A.L.I.S. LyricsFour
Waiting For The 7.18 LyricsWeekend In The City
We Are Not Good People LyricsFour
Where Is Home LyricsWeekend In The City
X-Cutioner's Song LyricsThe Nextwave Sessions
Your Visits Are Getting Shorter (Bonus Track) LyricsIntimacy
Zephyrus LyricsIntimacy
Bloc Party lyrics Video Album

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