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Song lyrics by Blitzkrieg. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Blitzkrieg. Get one of the 74 lyrics and watch the video by artist Blitzkrieg.

Blitzkrieg lyrics Video Album
4 U LyricsBack from Hell
A Time Of Changes LyricsA Time of Changes
After Dark LyricsUnholy Trinity
All Hallows Eve LyricsUnholy Trinity
Armageddon LyricsA Time of Changes
Armageddon LyricsTheatre of the Damned
Back From Hell LyricsBack from Hell
Blitzkrieg LyricsA Time of Changes
Blitzkrieg LyricsTheatre of the Damned
Buried Alive LyricsBack from Hell
Call For The Priest LyricsBack from Hell
Calm Waters LyricsSins and Greed
Calming The Savage Beast LyricsUnholy Trinity
Complicated Issue LyricsBack from Hell
Countess Bathory (Venom Cover) LyricsUnholy Trinity
Crazy For You LyricsUnholy Trinity
DV8R LyricsAbsolute Power
Dark City LyricsAbsolute Power
Desolation Angel LyricsSins and Greed
Devil's Spawn LyricsTheatre of the Damned
Easy Way Out LyricsUnholy Trinity
Enchanted Tower LyricsAbsolute Power
Escape From The Village LyricsSins and Greed
Excessive Force LyricsSins and Greed
Eyes Of The World LyricsSins and Greed
Feel The Pain LyricsAbsolute Power
Field Of Dreams LyricsUnholy Trinity
Hair Trigger (Pull The Trigger Part 2) LyricsUnholy Trinity
Hamunaptra LyricsAbsolute Power
Hell Bent For Leather (Judas Priest Cover) LyricsSins and Greed
Hell Express LyricsSins and Greed
Hell To Pay LyricsA Time of Changes
House Of Pleasure LyricsUnholy Trinity
Into The Light LyricsTheatre of the Damned
Jack's Back LyricsBack from Hell
Jealous Love LyricsUnholy Trinity
Jeckyl & Hyde LyricsSins and Greed
Legion LyricsAbsolute Power
Metalizer LyricsAbsolute Power
My Life Is My Own LyricsTheatre of the Damned
Night Stalker LyricsTheatre of the Damned
One Last Time LyricsBack from Hell
Pull The Trigger (Satan Cover) LyricsA Time of Changes
Ragnarok / Inferno LyricsA Time of Changes
Return Of The Zip LyricsUnholy Trinity
Return To The Village LyricsBack from Hell
Rise LyricsSins and Greed
Sahara LyricsBack from Hell
Saviour LyricsA Time of Changes
Seek & Destroy (Metallica Cover) LyricsBack from Hell
Silent Scream LyricsSins and Greed
Sleepy Hollow LyricsBack from Hell
Soul Stealer LyricsAbsolute Power
Spirit Of The Legend LyricsTheatre of the Damned
Standing Still LyricsSins and Greed
Struck By Lightning LyricsUnholy Trinity
Take A Look Around LyricsUnholy Trinity
Taking Care Of Business LyricsUnholy Trinity
Terror Zone LyricsAbsolute Power
The Face Of Death LyricsAbsolute Power
The Passing LyricsTheatre of the Damned
The Phantom LyricsTheatre of the Damned
The Wraith LyricsUnholy Trinity
Theatre Of The Damned LyricsTheatre of the Damned
Together We Are Strong LyricsTheatre of the Damned
Tortured Souls LyricsTheatre of the Damned
Traitors Gate LyricsSins and Greed
Unholy Trinity LyricsUnholy Trinity
V ” LyricsBack from Hell
Vikings LyricsA Time of Changes
We Have Assumed Control LyricsBack from Hell
We'll Rock Forever LyricsAbsolute Power
Who Takes The Fall? LyricsAbsolute Power
Zip LyricsUnholy Trinity
Blitzkrieg lyrics Video Album

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