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Song lyrics by Black Majesty. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Black Majesty. Get one of the 50 lyrics and watch the video by artist Black Majesty.

Black Majesty lyrics Video Album
A Better Way To Die LyricsSilent Company
Another Dawn LyricsTomorrowland
Beyond Reality LyricsSands of Time
Bleeding World LyricsTomorrowland
Break These Chains LyricsIn Your Honour
Darkened Room LyricsSilent Company
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Dragon Reborn LyricsSilent Company
Edge Of The World LyricsStargazer
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Far Beyond LyricsIn Your Honour
Firestorm LyricsSilent Company
Follow LyricsIn Your Honour
Forever Damned LyricsTomorrowland
Further Than Insane LyricsIn Your Honour
God Of War LyricsIn Your Honour
Guardian LyricsSands of Time
Holy Killers LyricsStargazer
Into The Black LyricsTomorrowland
Journey To The Soul LyricsStargazer
Journeys End LyricsSands of Time
Killing Hand LyricsStargazer
Kingdoms LyricsTomorrowland
Lady Of The Lake LyricsSands of Time
Legacy LyricsSands of Time
Lost Horizon LyricsStargazer
Memories LyricsTomorrowland
Millennium LyricsIn Your Honour
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New Horizons LyricsSilent Company
No Sanctuary LyricsSands of Time
Sands Of Time LyricsSands of Time
Scars LyricsTomorrowland
Silent Company LyricsSilent Company
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Six Ribbons LyricsSilent Company
Soldier Of Fortune LyricsTomorrowland
Stargazer LyricsStargazer
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Tomorrowland LyricsTomorrowland
Two Hearts LyricsIn Your Honour
Visionary LyricsSilent Company
Voice Of Change LyricsStargazer
Wings To Fly LyricsTomorrowland
Wish You Well LyricsIn Your Honour
Witching Hour LyricsIn Your Honour
Black Majesty lyrics Video Album

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