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Song lyrics by Berzerker. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Berzerker. Get one of the 62 lyrics and watch the video by artist Berzerker.

Berzerker lyrics Video Album
"Y" LyricsWorld Of Lies
Afterlife LyricsWorld Of Lies
All About You LyricsWorld Of Lies
As The World Waits LyricsWorld Of Lies
Betrayal LyricsDissimulate
Black Heart LyricsWorld Of Lies
Bleeding To Death LyricsAggressor
Burn The Evil LyricsWorld Of Lies
Burnt LyricsBerzerker
Cannibal Rights LyricsBerzerker
Caught In The Crossfire LyricsThe Reawakening
Chronological Order Of Purifaction LyricsBerzerker
Committed To Nothing LyricsWorld Of Lies
Compromise LyricsDissimulate
Constant Pain LyricsAggressor
Corporal Jigsaw Quandary LyricsDissimulate
Dead And Gone LyricsAggressor
Dead Skunk In The Trunk LyricsAggressor
Death Reveals LyricsDissimulate
Deform LyricsBerzerker
Destruction Of The Damned LyricsAggressor
Disassembly Line LyricsThe Reawakening
Disregard LyricsDissimulate
Evolution LyricsAnimosity
Evolution Of Aggression LyricsThe Reawakening
Eye For An Eye LyricsAnimosity
Failure LyricsDissimulate
False Hope LyricsAnimosity
February LyricsBerzerker
Follow Me LyricsWorld Of Lies
Forever LyricsBerzerker
Free Yourself LyricsWorld Of Lies
Harvesting A Loved One LyricsThe Reawakening
Heavily Medicated LyricsAnimosity
Internal Examination LyricsThe Reawakening
Last Mistake LyricsDissimulate
Lonely World LyricsAnimosity
Massacre LyricsBerzerker
Metal Warrior LyricsAggressor
Never Hated More LyricsWorld Of Lies
No More Reasons LyricsAnimosity
No One Wins LyricsDissimulate
Nuclear Chaos LyricsAggressor
Pain LyricsBerzerker
Painless LyricsDissimulate
Paradox LyricsDissimulate
Pure Hatred LyricsDissimulate
Purgatory LyricsAnimosity
Reality LyricsBerzerker
Retribution LyricsAnimosity
Slit Down LyricsBerzerker
Spare Parts LyricsThe Reawakening
Suicidal Missions LyricsAggressor
The Cancer LyricsAnimosity
The Deception LyricsThe Reawakening
The Principal And Practices Of Embalming LyricsDissimulate
Unforgotten Force LyricsThe Reawakening
Weapons Of War LyricsAnimosity
Wisdom And Corruption LyricsThe Reawakening
World Of Tomorrow LyricsWorld Of Lies
Written End LyricsAggressor
Your Final Seconds LyricsThe Reawakening
Berzerker lyrics Video Album

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