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Song lyrics by Bejelit. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Bejelit. Get one of the 49 lyrics and watch the video by artist Bejelit.

Bejelit lyrics Video Album
.And Chaos Came From Nowhere LyricsDon't Give Up!
2K12 Nails LyricsYou Die and I
Astaroth LyricsYou Die and I
Bejelith LyricsHellgate
BloodSign LyricsHellgate
Bones And Evil LyricsHellgate
Boogyman LyricsEmerge
C4 LyricsEmerge
Dancerous LyricsEmerge
Dancerrous LyricsDon't Give Up!
Death Chariot LyricsHellgate
Death Row LyricsYou Die and I
Death Trip Serenade LyricsDon't Give Up!
Deep Waters LyricsEmerge
DefCon/13 LyricsEmerge
Don't Know What You Need LyricsEmerge
Dontt Know What You Need LyricsDon't Give Up!
Dust In The Wind LyricsHellgate
Emerge LyricsEmerge
Emerrge LyricsDon't Give Up!
Fairygate LyricsEmerge
Flower Of Winter LyricsAge of Wars
Goodnight My Shade LyricsYou Die and I
I Won't Die Everyday LyricsHellgate
In Void We Trust LyricsHellgate
Just A Dream LyricsAge of Wars
March Of The Immortal LyricsAge of Wars
Mercenaries LyricsAge of Wars
Orfeo 10 LyricsYou Die and I
Piano Medley LyricsDon't Give Up!
Rostov LyricsYou Die and I
Saiint From Beyond LyricsDon't Give Up!
Saint From Beyond LyricsYou Die and I
She's Lying 6ft Under LyricsYou Die and I
Shinigami LyricsYou Die and I
Skull Knight Ride LyricsHellgate
Slave Of Vengeance LyricsHellgate
Son Of Death LyricsAge of Wars
The Age Of War LyricsAge of Wars
The Darkest Hour LyricsEmerge
The Defending Dreams Battle LyricsEmerge
The Evil Inside LyricsAge of Wars
The Haunter Of The Dark LyricsHellgate
To Forget And To Forgive LyricsEmerge
Triskelion LyricsEmerge
Victory's Now LyricsAge of Wars
We Got The Tragedy LyricsEmerge
Wee Got The Tragedy LyricsDon't Give Up!
Your Personal Hell LyricsYou Die and I
Bejelit lyrics Video Album

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