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Song lyrics by Beirut. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Beirut. Get one of the 57 lyrics and watch the video by artist Beirut.

Beirut lyrics Video Album
A Candle's Fire LyricsThe Rip Tide
A Sunday Smile LyricsThe Flying Club Cup
After The Curtain LyricsGulag Orkestar
As Needed LyricsNo No No
At Once LyricsNo No No
August Holland LyricsNo No No
Brandenburg LyricsGulag Orkestar
Bratislava LyricsGulag Orkestar
Carousels LyricsLon Gisland (EP)
Cherbourg LyricsThe Flying Club Cup
Cliquot LyricsThe Flying Club Cup
East Harlem LyricsThe Rip Tide
El Zócalo LyricsMarch of the Zapotec (EP)
Elephant Gun LyricsElephant Gun (EP)
Fener LyricsNo No No
Forks And Knives (La Fête) LyricsThe Flying Club Cup
Gibraltar LyricsNo No No
Goshen LyricsThe Rip Tide
Guyamas Sonora LyricsThe Flying Club Cup
In The Mausoleum LyricsThe Flying Club Cup
La Llorona LyricsMarch of the Zapotec (EP)
Mimizan Lyrics
Mount Wroclai (Idle Days) LyricsGulag Orkestar
My Family's Role In The World Revolution LyricsLon Gisland (EP)
My Night With The Prostitute From Marseille LyricsRealpeople: Holland (EP)
My Wife LyricsMarch of the Zapotec (EP)
My Wife, Lost In The Wild LyricsRealpeople: Holland (EP)
Napoleon On The Bellerophon LyricsPompeii (EP)
No Dice LyricsRealpeople: Holland (EP)
No No No LyricsNo No No
On A Bayonet LyricsMarch of the Zapotec (EP)
Payne's Bay LyricsThe Rip Tide
Perth LyricsNo No No
Port Of Call LyricsThe Rip Tide
Postcards From Italy LyricsGulag Orkestar
Prenzlauerberg LyricsGulag Orkestar
Rhineland (Heartland) LyricsGulag Orkestar
Santa Fe LyricsThe Rip Tide
Scenic World LyricsGulag Orkestar
Scenic World (Second Version) LyricsLon Gisland (EP)
So Allowed LyricsNo No No
St. Apollonia LyricsThe Flying Club Cup
The Akara LyricsMarch of the Zapotec (EP)
The Bunker LyricsGulag Orkestar
The Canals Of Our City LyricsGulag Orkestar
The Concubine LyricsRealpeople: Holland (EP)
The Flying Club Cup LyricsThe Flying Club Cup
The Gulag Orkestar LyricsGulag Orkestar
The Long Island Sound LyricsLon Gisland (EP)
The Peacock LyricsThe Rip Tide
The Penalty LyricsThe Flying Club Cup
The Rip Tide LyricsThe Rip Tide
The Shrew LyricsMarch of the Zapotec (EP)
Transatlantique LyricsElephant Gun (EP)
Un Dernier Verre (Pour La Route) LyricsThe Flying Club Cup
Vagabond LyricsThe Rip Tide
Venice LyricsRealpeople: Holland (EP)
Beirut lyrics Video Album

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