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Song lyrics by Before The Dawn. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Before The Dawn. Get one of the 68 lyrics and watch the video by artist Before The Dawn.

Before The Dawn lyrics Video Album
...Nowhere LyricsThe Ghost
4.16 Am LyricsMy Darkness
Alone LyricsMy Darkness
Angel LyricsMy Darkness
Angel's Tombstone LyricsThe Ghost
Away LyricsThe Ghost
Black Dawn LyricsThe Ghost
Butterfly Effect LyricsDeathstar Rising
Closure LyricsRise of the Phoenix
Cold LyricsSoundscape Of Silence
Cross To Bear LyricsRise of the Phoenix
Crush Lyrics"4:17 am"
Dead Reflection LyricsSoundscape Of Silence
Deadsong LyricsDeadlight
Deathstar LyricsDeathstar Rising
Disappear LyricsThe Ghost
Dreamer Lyrics"4:17 am"
Dying Sun LyricsSoundscape Of Silence
Eclipse LyricsRise of the Phoenix
Enemy LyricsThe Ghost
Eternal LyricsDeadlight
Exile LyricsSoundscape Of Silence
Fabrication LyricsSoundscape Of Silence
Fade Away Lyrics"4:17 am"
Faithless LyricsDeadlight
Fallen World LyricsRise of the Phoenix
Father And Son LyricsMy Darkness
Fear Me LyricsDeadlight
Gehenna LyricsDeadlight
Guardian LyricsDeadlight
Heaven Lyrics"4:17 am"
Hide Me LyricsSoundscape Of Silence
Hiding Lyrics"4:17 am"
Human Hatred LyricsMy Darkness
Into You Lyrics"4:17 am"
Judgement LyricsDeathstar Rising
Last Song LyricsSoundscape Of Silence
Monsters LyricsSoundscape Of Silence
Morning Sun LyricsDeadlight
My Darkness LyricsMy Darkness
My Room Lyrics"4:17 am"
Painless LyricsDeadlight
Perfect Storm LyricsRise of the Phoenix
Phoenix Rising LyricsRise of the Phoenix
Pitch-Black Universe LyricsRise of the Phoenix
Reign Of Fire LyricsDeadlight
Remembrance LyricsDeathstar Rising
Repentance LyricsThe Ghost
Sanctuary LyricsDeathstar Rising
Savior LyricsSoundscape Of Silence
Scar LyricsThe Ghost
Seed Lyrics"4:17 am"
Seraphim LyricsMy Darkness
Silence LyricsSoundscape Of Silence
Star Of Fire LyricsDeadlight
Stormbringer LyricsThe Ghost
Take My Pain LyricsMy Darkness
The Black Lyrics"4:17 am"
The Wake LyricsDeathstar Rising
Throne Of Ice LyricsRise of the Phoenix
Unbreakable LyricsMy Darkness
Unbroken LyricsDeathstar Rising
Undone LyricsMy Darkness
Vengeance Lyrics"4:17 am"
Warrior Of AncIent Times LyricsDeadlight
Winter Within LyricsDeathstar Rising
Wraith LyricsDeathstar Rising
Wrath LyricsDeadlight
Before The Dawn lyrics Video Album

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