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Song lyrics by Bay City Rollers. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Bay City Rollers. Get one of the 123 lyrics and watch the video by artist Bay City Rollers.

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'85 LyricsVoxx
Ain't It Strange LyricsRollin'
All Of Me Loves All Of You LyricsSouvenirs Of Youth
All Of The World Is Falling In Love LyricsStrangers In The Wind
Alright LyricsSouvenirs Of Youth
Angel Angel LyricsRollin'
Angel Baby LyricsSouvenirs Of Youth
Another Rainy Day In New York City LyricsStrangers In The Wind
Are You Cuckoo? LyricsDedication
Are You Ready For That Rock And Roll LyricsSouvenirs Of Youth
Back On The Road Again LyricsElevator
Back On The Street LyricsStrangers In The Wind
Be My Baby LyricsRollin'
Because I Love You LyricsSouvenirs Of Youth
Breakout LyricsBreakout
Bringing Back The Good Times LyricsSouvenirs Of Youth
Bye Bye Baby LyricsSouvenirs Of Youth
Bye Bye Barbara LyricsSouvenirs Of Youth
Could This Be Love LyricsBreakout
Dance, Dance, Dance LyricsIt's A Game
Dedication LyricsDedication
Derek's End Piece LyricsWouldn't You Like It?
Don't Let The Music Die LyricsIt's A Game
Don't Stop The Music LyricsWouldn't You Like It?
Don't Worry Baby LyricsDedication
Doors, Bars, Metal LyricsRicochet
Eagles Fly LyricsWouldn't You Like It?
Elevator LyricsElevator
Emotion LyricsBreakout
Every Tear I Cry LyricsStrangers In The Wind
Give A Little Love LyricsSouvenirs Of Youth
Give It To Me Now LyricsRollin'
God Save Rock & Roll LyricsVoxx
Groovy LyricsBreakout
Heartbreaker LyricsBreakout
Hello And Welcome Home LyricsElevator
Here Comes That Feeling Again LyricsWouldn't You Like It?
Hey! Beautiful Dreamer LyricsOnce Upon a Star
Hey! C.B. LyricsSouvenirs Of Youth
Honey, Don’t Leave L.A. LyricsVoxx
I Know (I'm The Man For You) LyricsBreakout
I Only Wanna Dance With You LyricsWouldn't You Like It?
I Only Want To Be With You LyricsDedication
I Was Eleven LyricsElevator
If You Were My Woman LyricsStrangers In The Wind
Inside A Broken Dream LyricsIt's A Game
Instant Relay LyricsElevator
It's A Game LyricsIt's A Game
It's For You LyricsSouvenirs Of Youth
Jenny LyricsSouvenirs Of Youth
Jenny Gotta Dance LyricsRollin'
Just A Little Love LyricsRollin'
Keep On Dancing LyricsSouvenirs Of Youth
La Belle Jeanne LyricsOnce Upon a Star
Lay Your Love On The Line LyricsRicochet
Let's Go (A Huggin' And A Kissin' In The Moon.. LyricsOnce Upon a Star
Let's Pretend LyricsDedication
Life On The Radio LyricsRicochet
Lost Without You (No Freedom) LyricsBreakout
Love Brought Me Such A Magical Thing LyricsStrangers In The Wind
Love Fever LyricsIt's A Game
Love Is LyricsWouldn't You Like It?
Love Power LyricsIt's A Game
Lovely To See You LyricsWouldn't You Like It?
Make My Body Work LyricsBreakout
Manana LyricsSouvenirs Of Youth
Marlina LyricsOnce Upon a Star
Maybe I'm A Fool To Love You LyricsWouldn't You Like It?
Money Honey LyricsDedication
My Lisa LyricsDedication
My Teenage Heart LyricsSouvenirs Of Youth
New York LyricsVoxx
No Doubt About It LyricsRicochet
Once Upon A Star LyricsOnce Upon a Star
Only The Young Die Old LyricsVoxx
Playing In A Rock And Roll Band LyricsElevator
Please Stay LyricsRollin'
Rebel Rebel LyricsVoxx
Remember (Sha La La La) LyricsSouvenirs Of Youth
Ricochet LyricsRicochet
Ride LyricsRicochet
Rock & Roll Honeymoon LyricsOnce Upon a Star
Rock 'N' Roll Love Letter LyricsDedication
Rock 'N' Roller LyricsDedication
Roxy Lady LyricsRicochet
Saturday Night LyricsSouvenirs Of Youth
Set The Fashion LyricsRicochet
Shang-a-Lang LyricsSouvenirs Of Youth
Shanghai'd In Love LyricsWouldn't You Like It?
She'll Be Crying Over You LyricsSouvenirs Of Youth
Shoorah Shoorah For Hollywood LyricsStrangers In The Wind
Soho LyricsVoxx
Stoned Houses, Pt. 1 LyricsElevator
Stoned Houses, Pt. 2 LyricsElevator
Strangers In The Wind LyricsStrangers In The Wind
Summerlove Sensation LyricsSouvenirs Of Youth
Sweet Virginia LyricsIt's A Game
That's The Way LyricsBreakout
That’s Where The Boys Are LyricsRicochet
The Bump LyricsSouvenirs Of Youth
The Disco Kid LyricsSouvenirs Of Youth
The Hero LyricsVoxx
The Jig LyricsVoxx
The Way I Feel Tonight LyricsIt's A Game
There Goes My Baby LyricsRollin'
This Is Your Life LyricsRicochet
Tomorrow’s Just A Day Away LyricsElevator
Too Young To Rock & Roll LyricsWouldn't You Like It?
Turn On The Radio LyricsElevator
Washington’s Birthday LyricsElevator
We Can Make Music LyricsSouvenirs Of Youth
When I Say I Love You (The Pie) LyricsStrangers In The Wind
When Will You Be Mine LyricsOnce Upon a Star
When You Find Out LyricsBreakout
Where Will I Be Now LyricsStrangers In The Wind
Who’ll Be My Keeper ? LyricsElevator
Won’t You Come Home With Me ? LyricsRicochet
Working For The People LyricsVoxx
Wouldn't You Like It LyricsWouldn't You Like It?
Write A Letter LyricsDedication
Yesterday's Hero LyricsDedication
You Made Me Believe In Magic LyricsIt's A Game
You're A Woman LyricsDedication
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