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Song lyrics by Battleroar. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Battleroar. Get one of the 38 lyrics and watch the video by artist Battleroar.

Battleroar lyrics Video Album
Almuric LyricsBattleroar
Battleroar LyricsBattleroar
Berzerker LyricsBattleroar
Blood Of Legends LyricsBlood of Legends
Born In The 70's LyricsTo Death and Beyond...
Calm Before The Storm LyricsAge of Chaos
Chivalry (Noble Armor) LyricsBlood of Legends
Death Before Disgrace LyricsTo Death and Beyond...
Deep Buried Faith LyricsAge of Chaos
Dragonhelm LyricsTo Death and Beyond...
Dreams On Steel LyricsAge of Chaos
Dyvim Tvar LyricsAge of Chaos
Egyptian Doom LyricsBattleroar
Exile Eternal LyricsBlood of Legends
Finis Mundi LyricsTo Death and Beyond...
Hyrkanian Blades LyricsTo Death and Beyond...
Immortal Chariot LyricsBlood of Legends
Megaloman LyricsBattleroar
Metal From Hellas LyricsTo Death and Beyond...
Morituri Te Salutant LyricsBattleroar
Mourning Sword LyricsBattleroar
Narsil (Reforge The Sword) LyricsAge of Chaos
Oceans Of Pain LyricsTo Death and Beyond...
Poisoned Well LyricsBlood of Legends
Relentless Waves LyricsBlood of Legends
Siegecraft LyricsAge of Chaos
Stormgiven LyricsBlood of Legends
Sword Of Crom LyricsAge of Chaos
Swordbrothers LyricsBattleroar
The Curse Of Medea LyricsBlood of Legends
The Swords Are Drawn LyricsBlood of Legends
The Tower Of The Elephant LyricsAge of Chaos
The Wanderer LyricsAge of Chaos
The Wrathforge LyricsTo Death and Beyond...
Valkyries Above LyricsBlood of Legends
Vampire Killer LyricsAge of Chaos
Victorious Path LyricsBattleroar
Warlord Of Mars LyricsTo Death and Beyond...
Battleroar lyrics Video Album

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