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Song lyrics by Barry Manilow. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Barry Manilow. Get one of the 238 lyrics and watch the video by artist Barry Manilow.

Barry Manilow lyrics Video Album
(There's No Place Like) Home For The Holidays LyricsA Christmas Gift Of Love
(Why Don't We Try) A Slow Dance LyricsOne Voice
15 Minutes Lyrics15 Minutes
15 Minutes (Reprise Lyrics15 Minutes
A Gift Of Love LyricsA Christmas Gift Of Love
A Linda Song LyricsEven Now
A Little Travelling Music LyricsBarry Manilow
A Nice Boy Like Me LyricsTryin' To Get The Feeling ‎
All I Need Is The Girl LyricsShowstoppers
All The Time LyricsManilow Magic
Alone Together LyricsNight Songs
Anyone Can Do Heartbreak LyricsBarry Manilow
As Sure As I'm Standin' Here LyricsNice Boy Like Me
At The Dance LyricsManilow
Avenue C LyricsBarry Manilow II
Baby Its Cold Outside LyricsBecause It's Christmas
Bandstand Boogie LyricsNice Boy Like Me
Beautiful Music LyricsNice Boy Like Me
Because It's Christmas (For All The Children) LyricsBecause It's Christmas
Bermuda Triangle LyricsThe Magic Of Barry Manilow ‎
Big City Blues Lyrics2:00 AM Paradise Cafe ‎
Big Fun LyricsSwing Street ‎
Black And Blue LyricsSwing Street ‎
Blame It On My Youth LyricsNight Songs
Blue Lyrics2:00 AM Paradise Cafe ‎
Bluer Than Blue LyricsSummer Of '78
Bobbie Lee (What's The Difference, I Gotta Li.. LyricsOne Voice
Border Train LyricsHere At The Mayflower
Break Down The Door LyricsIf I Should Love Again
Bring Him Home LyricsShowstoppers
Bring On Tomorrow Lyrics15 Minutes
Brooklyn Blues LyricsSwing Street ‎
But Not For Me LyricsNight Songs
But The World Goes Round LyricsShowstoppers
Can't Smile Without You LyricsMagic
Carol Of The Bells LyricsBecause It's Christmas
Cloud Burst LyricsBarry Manilow I
Come Monday LyricsHere At The Mayflower
Copacabana LyricsThe Magic Of Barry Manilow ‎
Could It Be Magic LyricsThe Magic Of Barry Manilow ‎
Dance Away LyricsBarry
Dancing In The Dark LyricsShowstoppers
Daybreak LyricsNice Boy Like Me
Do You Know Who's Livin' Next Door LyricsHere At The Mayflower
Don't Fall With Me In Love LyricsIf I Should Love Again
Don't Talk To Me Of Love LyricsManilow
Early Morning Strangers LyricsBarry Manilow II
Even Now LyricsA Touch More Magic
Everybody's Leavin' Lyrics15 Minutes
Everything's Gonna Be All Right Lyrics15 Minutes
Flashy Lady LyricsBarry Manilow I
Fools Get Lucky LyricsIf I Should Love Again
Freddie Said LyricsHere At The Mayflower
Friends LyricsBarry Manilow I
Fugue For Tirnhors LyricsShowstoppers
Getting Over Losing You LyricsHere Comes The Night ‎
Give My Regards To Broadway LyricsShowstoppers
Goodbye My Love Lyrics2:00 AM Paradise Cafe ‎
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas LyricsBecause It's Christmas
He Doesn't Care (But I Do) LyricsManilow
He's A Star Lyrics15 Minutes
Heart Of Steel LyricsHere Comes The Night ‎
Here Comes The Night LyricsHere Comes The Night ‎
Hey, Mambo LyricsSwing Street ‎
Home Again LyricsBarry Manilow II
I Am Your Child LyricsBarry Manilow I
I Don't Wanna Know (Bonus Tracks) LyricsHere At The Mayflower
I Don't Want To Walk Without You LyricsThe Magic Of Barry Manilow ‎
I Fall In Love Too Easily LyricsNight Songs
I Get Along Without You Very Well LyricsNight Songs
I Go Crazy LyricsSummer Of '78
I Guess There Ain't No Santa Claus LyricsBecause It's Christmas
I Haven't Changed The Room LyricsIf I Should Love Again
I Hear Her Playing Music LyricsHere At The Mayflower
I Just Want To Be The One In Your Life LyricsEven Now
I Made It Trough The Rain LyricsThe Magic Of Barry Manilow ‎
I Miss You LyricsHere At The Mayflower
I Wanna Do It With You LyricsThe Magic Of Barry Manilow ‎
I Want To Be Somebody's Baby LyricsBarry Manilow II
I Was A Fool (To Let You Go) LyricsEven Now
I Write The Songs LyricsMagic
I'd Really Love To See You Tonight LyricsSummer Of '78
I'll Be Home For Christmas LyricsA Christmas Gift Of Love
I'll Be Seeing You LyricsShowstoppers
I'm Comin' Back LyricsHere At The Mayflower
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myslef A L.. LyricsA Touch More Magic
I'm Your Man LyricsManilow
I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm LyricsA Christmas Gift Of Love
I've Never Been So Low On Love Lyrics2:00 AM Paradise Cafe ‎
If I Should Love Again LyricsThe Magic Of Barry Manilow ‎
If We Only Have Love LyricsShowstoppers
If You Were Here With Me Tonight LyricsManilow
In Another World LyricsBarry Manilow
In Search Of Love LyricsManilow
Interlude: Love's Theme LyricsSummer Of '78
It Amazes Me LyricsNight Songs
It's A Long Way Up LyricsManilow
It's A Miracle LyricsMagic
It's A New World LyricsNight Songs
It's All Behind Us Now LyricsManilow
It's Just Another New Year's Eve LyricsBecause It's Christmas
Jingle Bells LyricsBecause It's Christmas
Joy To The World LyricsBecause It's Christmas
Jump Shout Boogie LyricsThis One's For You ‎
Just Remember I Love You LyricsSummer Of '78
Keep Each Other Warm LyricsBarry Manilow
Lay Me Down LyricsNice Boy Like Me
Leavin' In The Morning LyricsEven Now
Let Me Go LyricsThis One's For You ‎
Let's Get On With It LyricsHere Comes The Night ‎
Let's Hang On LyricsThe Magic Of Barry Manilow ‎
Let's Take All Night (To Say Goodbye) LyricsIf I Should Love Again
Letter From A Fan/So Heavy, So High Lyrics15 Minutes
Life Will Go On LyricsBarry
London LyricsBarry
Lonely Together LyricsA Touch More Magic
Look To The Rainbow LyricsShowstoppers
Looks Like We Made It LyricsManilow Magic
Losing Touch LyricsEven Now
Luck Be A Lady LyricsShowstoppers
Mandy LyricsMagic
Memory LyricsA Touch More Magic
My Baby Loves Me LyricsBarry Manilow II
My Favorite Things LyricsA Christmas Gift Of Love
My Moonlight Memories Of You LyricsBarry Manilow
Never Met A Man I Didn't Like LyricsShowstoppers
Never My Love LyricsSummer Of '78
New York City Rhytm LyricsManilow Magic
Nice Boy Like Me LyricsNice Boy Like Me
Night Song Lyrics2:00 AM Paradise Cafe ‎
No Other Love LyricsIf I Should Love Again
Not What You See LyricsHere At The Mayflower
Now It's For Real Lyrics15 Minutes
Oh, My Lady LyricsBarry Manilow I
Old Friends LyricsShowstoppers
Once And For All LyricsBarry Manilow
Once In Love With Amy LyricsShowstoppers
Once When You Were Mine LyricsSwing Street ‎
One More Time LyricsSwing Street ‎
One Of These Days LyricsBarry Manilow I
One Voice LyricsMagic
Only In Chicago LyricsBarry
Overture Of Overtures LyricsShowstoppers
Paradise Cafe Lyrics2:00 AM Paradise Cafe ‎
Please Don't Be Scared LyricsBarry Manilow
Put A Quarter In The Jukebox LyricsMagic
Rain LyricsOne Voice
Read' Em And Weep LyricsMagic
Ready To Take A Chance Again LyricsMagic
Real Live Girl LyricsShowstoppers
Reflection Lyrics15 Minutes
Reminiscing LyricsSummer Of '78
Riders To The Stars LyricsThis One's For You ‎
River LyricsA Christmas Gift Of Love
Sandra LyricsBarry Manilow II
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town LyricsA Christmas Gift Of Love
Say Goodbye LyricsHere At The Mayflower
Say No More Lyrics2:00 AM Paradise Cafe ‎
Say The Words LyricsThis One's For You ‎
See The Show Again LyricsThis One's For You ‎
Seven More Years LyricsBarry Manilow I
She Should'a Been Mine LyricsHere At The Mayflower
She's A Star LyricsNice Boy Like Me
Ships LyricsOne Voice
Sing It LyricsBarry Manilow I
Slept Through The End Of The World Lyrics15 Minutes
Some Bar By The Harbor LyricsHere At The Mayflower
Some Girls LyricsHere Comes The Night ‎
Some Good Things Never Last LyricsBarry Manilow
Some Kind Of Friend LyricsMagic
Some Sweet Day LyricsManilow
Something's Comin' Up LyricsBarry Manilow II
Sometimes When We Touch LyricsSummer Of '78
Somewhere Down The Road LyricsThe Magic Of Barry Manilow ‎
Somewhere In The Night LyricsEven Now
Stardust LyricsSwing Street ‎
Starting Again LyricsEven Now
Stay LyricsThe Magic Of Barry Manilow ‎
Stompin' At The Savoy LyricsSwing Street ‎
Summer Of '78 LyricsSummer Of '78
Summertime LyricsSwing Street ‎
Sunday Father LyricsOne Voice
Sunrise LyricsEven Now
Sweet Heaven (I'm In Love Again) LyricsManilow
Sweet Life LyricsBarry Manilow I
Sweetwater Jones LyricsBarry Manilow I
Swing Street LyricsSwing Street ‎
Talk To Me LyricsHere At The Mayflower
The Air That I Breathe LyricsSummer Of '78
The Bells Of Christmas LyricsBecause It's Christmas
The Christmas Song LyricsBecause It's Christmas
The Christmas Waltz LyricsA Christmas Gift Of Love
The Kid Inside LyricsShowstoppers
The Last Duet LyricsBarry
The Night That Tito Played LyricsHere At The Mayflower
The Old Songs LyricsThe Magic Of Barry Manilow ‎
The One That Got Away LyricsBarry Manilow
The Two Of Us LyricsBarry Manilow II
They Dance! LyricsHere At The Mayflower
This One's For You LyricsThis One's For You ‎
Trainwreck Lyrics15 Minutes
Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again LyricsManilow Magic
Turn The Radio Up LyricsHere At The Mayflower
Twenty Four Hours A Day LyricsBarry
We Still Have Time LyricsBarry
We Wish You A Merry Christmas LyricsBecause It's Christmas
We've Got Tonight LyricsSummer Of '78
Weekend In New England LyricsManilow Magic
Welcome Home LyricsHere At The Mayflower
What Am I Doin' Here Lyrics2:00 AM Paradise Cafe ‎
What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? LyricsA Christmas Gift Of Love
When I Need You LyricsSummer Of '78
When I Wanted You LyricsOne Voice
When Love Is Gone Lyrics2:00 AM Paradise Cafe ‎
When October Goes Lyrics2:00 AM Paradise Cafe ‎
When The Good Times Come Again LyricsBarry Manilow
When The Meadow Was Bloomin' LyricsBecause It's Christmas
Where Are They Now LyricsOne Voice
Where Have You Gone Lyrics2:00 AM Paradise Cafe ‎
Where Or When LyricsShowstoppers
Where Do I Go From Here LyricsEven Now
While We're Young LyricsNight Songs
White Christmas LyricsA Christmas Gift Of Love
Who Needs You? Lyrics15 Minutes
Who's Been Sleping In My Bed LyricsOne Voice
Why Don't We Live Together LyricsNice Boy Like Me
Wine Song Lyrics15 Minutes
Winner Go Down Lyrics15 Minutes
Winter Wonderland LyricsA Christmas Gift Of Love
Work The Room Lyrics15 Minutes
Written In Stone Lyrics15 Minutes
You Begin Again LyricsBarry Manilow
You Can Have The Tv LyricsShowstoppers
You Could Show Me LyricsOne Voice
You Oughta Be Home With Me LyricsThis One's For You ‎
You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me LyricsNight Songs
You're Leaving Too Soon LyricsNice Boy Like Me
You're Looking Hot Tonight LyricsThe Magic Of Barry Manilow ‎
Barry Manilow lyrics Video Album

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