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Song lyrics by Baptism. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Baptism. Get one of the 30 lyrics and watch the video by artist Baptism.

Baptism lyrics Video Album
Blasphemic Tyrant LyricsThe Beherial Midnight
Casus In Tenebris LyricsAs the Darkness Enters
Centuries In Everdark Ashes LyricsThe Beherial Midnight
Chalice Of Death LyricsAs the Darkness Enters
Depressed Void LyricsGrim Arts of Melancholy
Esoteric Spheres LyricsAs the Darkness Enters
Et Vidimus Gloriam Eius LyricsMorbid Wings of Sathanas
Flames LyricsGrim Arts of Melancholy
Forest Of Suicidal Memories LyricsThe Beherial Midnight
From The Gates Of Apokalypse LyricsThe Beherial Midnight
In This Painful Life LyricsGrim Arts of Melancholy
Introduction + Bringer Of Misery LyricsAs the Darkness Enters
Malicious Rites LyricsGrim Arts of Melancholy
Melancholy Of A Journeying Soul LyricsGrim Arts of Melancholy
Morbid Wings Of Sathanas LyricsMorbid Wings of Sathanas
Names Of The Dead Souls LyricsMorbid Wings of Sathanas
Only Death LyricsGrim Arts of Melancholy
Remains Of Cursed Plague LyricsMorbid Wings of Sathanas
Scattered Remains LyricsThe Beherial Midnight
Sieluni Temppeli LyricsAs the Darkness Enters
Sons Of Ruin & Terror LyricsThe Beherial Midnight
Spell Of Penitence LyricsAs the Darkness Enters
The Beherial Midnight LyricsThe Beherial Midnight
The Path Of New Era LyricsMorbid Wings of Sathanas
The Prayer LyricsAs the Darkness Enters
The Worshipper LyricsMorbid Wings of Sathanas
Thy Heart Bleeds LyricsThe Beherial Midnight
Triumphant In War & Hate LyricsThe Beherial Midnight
True Devotion LyricsGrim Arts of Melancholy
Vision, Pain & Death LyricsMorbid Wings of Sathanas
Baptism lyrics Video Album

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